If music be the food of love… We’re in love with Frisco School of Music’s mobile website!

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In the goMobi Spotlight this week: Frisco School of MusicFrisco School of Music goMobi Spotlight

The Frisco School of Music in Texas is the largest music school in the city having taught over 6000 students since they opened in the fall of 2000. As Frisco’s original music school more music students have taken lessons there than anywhere else!

The Frisco School of Music teaches music on an industrial scale, they offer classes for piano, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, drums, flute, trumpet, clarinet, and sax. All of their teachers are either university trained or have real world performance experience, or both. As well as offering one on one tuition Frisco School of Music also offers workshops and group classes, they cater for everything from soloists to an entire rock band. Having so much to offer the school has to be careful how they manage things, they do this by the staff being split into three separate divisions, executive, administrative and faculty, they make sure that the faculty is backed up by an experienced business and administrative staff to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.

Their approach to mobile web is in keeping with the high standards that they set for themselves. The mobile website is all about the music and doing the best to convert potential customers into rewarding clients. Using a customized home-page they immediately offer multiple points of contact, and if an image can speak a thousand words then the video they have embedded on the home-page speaks volumes about the school and their approach to teaching music. Frisco School of Music make good use of the sub-pages feature, having a separate page for each musical discipline allows them to populate the menu of the home page tailored to highlight all the lessons they have to offer, as well as membership benefits and summer camps. Including their email address prominently also helps, with one tap on a smart phone you can be writing and email to them in seconds.

Why we picked it:

The world needs music, and Frisco School of Music is doing its part! They are doing this by cultivating a mobile presence that communicates to potential customers exactly what they need to know and in the correct way. There is no need for pinching and zooming, or endlessly dragging your finger across the screen to hunt out the information you came looking for.

They use goMobi’s features to tailor the mobile site to meet their exact needs, and embedding of video really gets across the warmth and professionalism of the school, a fun and safe environment for children and adults alike.

So well done to Frisco School of Music, as this weeks, goMobi Spotlight site!

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