iPad2 Winner! FROM THE FRISCO SCHOOL OF MUSIC To: Frisco School of Music From: Jay Kurian The Frisco School of Music is a great experience.  I'm living proof of it, considering I've been here 5 years.  In those 5 years I've had several teachers, and they all had the same thing in common. Every teacher was compassionate and wanted me to excel in music.  No teacher of mine was ever strict or apathetic.  They were all laid-back and helpful by telling you new ways to improve your playing, and good at teaching you new techniques.  My guitar lessons have effected my life in many other ways than just teaching me how to play guitar.  Music is a great art that has helped my confidence.  These lessons also helped me play the violin with much ease, establish  a practice regimen, and become exposed to more music.  I also have a greater appreciation for music and started listening to it more. Lessons aren't just boring book work. Playing an instrument is actual fun and can get you involved in more things like a band, or school music program.  Teachers here could teach you some of your favorite tunes.  My teacher is very good at both teaching and jamming on his guitar, and can teach and explain anything I need to learn with  Lessons also let you get more attention and help due to the low student to teacher ratio.  He is excellent at music theory and teaching me how to play famous songs.  The staff here is very friendly and the school even has good free Wi-Fi.  I was here back when the school was called "Music Conservatory of Texas" and although the appearance and name of this place has changed, the quality and over all appeal of the institute remains great.        I don't think I'll be leaving soon, now that I think about it.  All in all, the Frisco School of Music has been a pleasure, and I'll never regret coming here almost every week.   Who knows, you could end up winning a free iPad. Sent from my iPad 2 ( Courtesy of the Frisco School of Music). Ready To Get Started? 214-436-4058 music@friscoschoolofmusic.com Guitar/Bass Lessons Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Bass – we do it all! Our teachers tailor each guitar/bass lesson toward the students’ interests, plus teach the basics of music and rhythmic reading. Group classes for beginners and private lessons for all ages and levels. Flute/Trumpet Learn how to play the flute or trumpet, including basic fingering techniques with music reading, intonation, breathing, posture, embouchure, scales and more. Get personalized tips on renting or buying an instrument, and how to care for the instruments. Drum Lessons Our studios have two drum sets, so the student and teacher can play together, and student can easily copy the movements the teacher demonstrates at the drum lessons. Learn the rudiments, reading drum set notation, and how to play like your favorite rock star. All ages and levels.    Voice Lessons Learn to sing with a Pro!  Our teachers help you develop a solid technique with warm- ups, breathing, fun songs and repertoire that you want to sing. Learn to use a mic, stage moves, how to sell a song, front a band and more. All ages and levels. Piano Lessons Group classes for beginners (small class size) and private lessons for all ages and levels.  Our teachers are friendly and patient and help each student reach their own personal goals. Starting with piano lessons gives students a comprehensive musical background. Jay Kurian Violin/Viola Lessons We teach violin and viola lessons using a blended traditional and Suzuki approach including classical, popular tunes, fiddle, bluegrass and Celtic. We use up-to-date books and materials with CD’s so you can improve your ear and musicianship skills. News and Events Copyright 2012 Frisco School of Music Texas Music Teachers Association Frisco School of Music      ·      9255 Preston Road · Frisco, TX 75033      ·      214-436-4058 Home | Work For Us | Contact Us Piano and Keyboard Lessons Violin and Viola Lessons Summer Music Camps Guitar and Bass Lessons Drum and Percussion Lessons The Bands Voice and Singing Lessons Flute, Trumpet and Saxophone Lessons Performing Arts Preschool Office Open December 27 to 29 and January 2 to 5 - 11 to 2 pm Christmas Break - Lessons Resume January 7th Music Registration Hotline - Phone Calls Only - December 26, 2 to 5 pm