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The Frisco School of Music Team Coffee House: October 27th! News and Events Copyright 2012 Frisco School of Music Texas Music Teachers Association Frisco School of Music      ·      9255 Preston Road · Frisco, TX 75033      ·      214-436-4058 Ouch! My Hand Hurts When I Play the Guitar! - Part Two My good friend Marty Fort who owns a music studio in South Carolina wrote this important two-part article for all guitar students and parents. Here is part two...  Last month I talked about two of the most common causes of hand pain for guitar players. This month, I’m going to talk about solutions. 1. You’re playing too much. This is especially true for adults or even teens who are putting in hours and hours a day. A practice regimen that extensive is great for students who have been taking lessons for a substantial amount of time. However it’s way too much for beginners and I’ve seen a lot of adults overdue it. An hour per day is plenty of practice time for teens and adults, and for young children 15-20 minutes per day is a good goal to strive for. Also remember that you don’t have to practice every day and it’s actually healthy to take days off. 2. You’re pressing too hard. Have you ever caught yourself typing on a computer and realized that your shoulders are really raised up, full of tension? That’s because you’re typing too hard and you don’t even notice. The same thing happens with the guitar (or any instrument). You’ll just be playing right along but using 4-5 times the force necessary to make the sound come out. Solution: When you play, press as light as you can. This seems like a very obvious answer. But it will be a real challenge for you at first to do so consistently. When you play scales, chords, or single notes, you must play as light as possible and train your hands to always use light pressure. You will hear a lot of dead buzzing sounds when you do this at first. But in time, you’ll get the hang of it. Christopher Berg, Professor of Guitar at USC has some great books on this subject by MelBay, so be sure to check them out. He really helped me to apply a lighter touch to the guitar. 3. Your wrists are out of alignment. If you’re bending your wrists too far in either direction, it’s going to strain the tendons in your hands and cause hand pain. Gerald Klickstein (former Director of Guitar at the North Carolina School of the Arts and currently at the Peadbody Conservatory, shaped my technique in this via Aaron Shearer’s teaching methods. Solution: Be sure to read Aaron Shearer’s Classic Guitar Technique if you are having hand pain. His sections on mid-range alignment for the wrists (and other parts of the body) are an outst nding resource that will help you become pain free. Final solution: Regardless of what instrument you play, if you have pain of any kind, be sure to talk to your teacher as we’re here to make your experience pain free and fun! References:   Coffee House Shows for Private Students: Students perform a solo for family and friends in this relaxed venue. NO EXTRA FEE IS CHARGED for this event. All musical styles are represented, and students may perform with cd or teacher accompaniment. Three Coffee House Shows are currently on the Event Calendar. Students/parents complete a Coffee House Registration Form and return it to our office before the deadline. This is our most popular event series, since students and families are drawn to the easy-going, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that lends itself to a friendly environment for musical sharing. Where Is My Teacher Playing? New FSM Wall-of-Fame Inductees! 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