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The Frisco School of Music Team Coffee House: October 27th! News and Events Copyright 2012 Frisco School of Music Texas Music Teachers Association Frisco School of Music      ·      9255 Preston Road · Frisco, TX 75033      ·      214-436-4058 Effective Practicing From Our Violin Instructor Ms. Alexis Lantgen - Part One When I was a student, I can remember becoming very frustrated with my practicing--it felt like I was improving so slowly. I wish I had known then what I now know--it would have made my life and my practicing far more enjoyable. So here are my recommendations for making your practicing as efficient and effective as possible. First, use all the tools that you have available. These include a metronome, a tuner, and hopefully some kind of recording device, even if it's only the voice recorder feature on an iPhone. Nothing can help your intonation like practicing very slowly with a tuner. Once I started doing that regularly, my intonation improved dramatically. And by slowly, I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y. Once you become used to constantly playing in tune, you can immediately hear and correct any problems that might come up. As for a metronome, it's amazing the difference it can make with struggling students. When I first started teaching, I was often frustrated by how often students rushed ahead, or missed rhythms. Finally, I insisted on them using a metronome. For the most stubborn rushers, I used a trick I learned from a Master Class with a world famous violist, Roberto Diaz--walk or step in time with the music before you play. Most people feel the beat of music in their body (think about dancing). If a student can't stay in tempo or keep a steady beat, it's likely that they can't feel the beat in their body--walking or stepping to the beat with the metronome helps them to feel it. A recording device helps students listen to the their playing. One of the keys to learning is feedback--in fact, giving frequent feedback is a vital part of effective teaching. A recording is completely objective feedback on a musician's sound quality, intonation, and other aspects of a musical performance. Students should regularly record themselves playing, then listen for what they'd like to improve about their own performance. Incidentally, my Celtic music band, Dal Riata, often records our songs like this when we practice--it's really helpful for the members of the band to hear how the song is sounding overall.   Check back next month for Part Two of Alexis' article! Coffee House Shows for Private Students: Students perform a solo for family and friends in this relaxed venue. NO EXTRA FEE IS CHARGED for this event. All musical styles are represented, and students may perform with cd or teacher accompaniment. Three Coffee House Shows are currently on the Event Calendar. Students/parents complete a Coffee House Registration Form and return it to our office before the deadline. This is our most popular event series, since students and families are drawn to the easy-going, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that lends itself to a friendly environment for musical sharing. Also performing at the Coffee House: Dallas/Fort Worth based flute choir, Flutopia! Featuring our very own flute specialist, Dr. Lindsay Kimbley.   Come cheer our students on at their first performance of the school year! Where Is My Teacher Playing? Home | Work For Us | Contact Us Piano and Keyboard Lessons Violin and Viola Lessons Summer Music Camps Guitar and Bass Lessons Drum and Percussion Lessons The Bands Voice and Singing Lessons Flute, Trumpet and Saxophone Lessons Performing Arts Preschool Office Open December 27 to 29 and January 2 to 5 - 11 to 2 pm Christmas Break - Lessons Resume January 7th Music Registration Hotline - Phone Calls Only - December 26, 2 to 5 pm