Newsletter :: October 2011 214-436-4058 Ready To Get Started? In this issue *Rock and Jazz Band Stars *New This Fall: Ukulele Lab Class *Director’s Corner: How do the concerts work? Have you saved your spot?   These are only some of the students we welcomed in September! Gabriella Gabaldon Marcela Gabaldon Willow Hodge Lily Hodge Akhila Nanneboyina Rebecca Sadia Taylor Webb Kate Mersiovsky Grayson Smillie Erika Tormos Shayna Setoudeh Christian Blair Norah Miller Arielle Klein Jessie Mikulewicz Trey Williams Nicolas Dorr Ana & David Bonilla Heather Franklin Sara Patel Dilan Patel Troi Hawkins Holly Dyer Ian & SoniaVishinsky Mackenna Morrison Irelyn Morrison Austin Maddox Sam Beatty Kim Tingle Claire Sweet Mike Sweet Brendan Miller Diya Bommala Marianna Santiago Jacob Dorfmeister Joshua Dorfmeister Kheadyoth Nanneboyina Kyra Shank Gabriella Kush Sara Rayner Amaar Sayed Caleb Smith Harshit Gundapaneni Sandy Davidson Kristine Soriano Alex Orozco Cierra  Nguyen Sawyer Nguyen Elizabeth Neal Rebecca Samuel Sarah Samuel Brady Gampper Addison Gampper Janelle Mukasa Sofia Olavarrieta Gabrielle Baford Elyse Rothey Lauren Rothey Dallin Rothey Nicholas Anderson Ella Troutman Jordan Navarro Lana Staggers Isiah Raetchi Skylar Burke Trenton Brawner Will Meroney Nicholas Anderson Ryan Roark Kiana Kaftous Michelle Van Lizzie Bernius Lilian Collins Gracie Miller Anshita & Rikita Lal Samantha Treadway Kathryn Hisaw Max Clare William Chilton Isabella Rodriguez Hayden & Hannah Galloway And Many More! Thank you for being part of our School! The Frisco School of Music Team NEW THIS FALL: UKULELE LAB CLASS - Tuesdays 5:00   This class is for beginning ukulele with up to six students, and we focus on learning the parts of the instrument and how to tune the ukulele, strumming with a pick and with your fingers, introduction to rhythm and hand positions plus chords.   Learn familiar songs and singalong! Students use a songbook with a CD and fun pages. Parent Performance Days are scheduled throughout the year and the teacher will assess the student’s progress and recommend private lessons at the appropriate time. Students bring their ukulele to class.   This is a great class for a young learner that may not be quite ready for a bigger instrument like a guitar! Have you met some of the Rock and Jazz Bands Stars? They’ll be performing on the Fall Concert on November 12th Is your child ready to join them? Call 214-436-4058 for more info! Our Teachers Are The Best!   Many teachers have sold out. Save your spot before its too late!   Kathi Bass - Piano Tuesday - Friday - SOLD OUT Gabriel Bautista - Piano/Guitar Monday, Wednesday - SOLD OUT Aaron Caruthers - Guitar Monday - Spaced Limited / Saturday - SOLD OUT Wes Case - Guitar Saturday - Space Limited Jesse Chandler - Piano Wednesday - 2 spots / Thursday - SOLD OUT Miah Choi - Piano Monday- Spaced Limited, Wednesdays - SOLD OUT Aaron Cotton - Guitar Monday - Spaced Limited / Thursday 3:30-8:00 SOLD OUT Melissa DeMarco - Voice Tuesday - Wednesday - SOLD OUT Thursday 4:30-8:30 SOLD OUT Fridays - Limited Space Taylor Ducharme-Jones - Drums Wednesday, Saturday - Spaced Limited Kelly Ebler - Piano Tuesday 5-7:00 SOLD OUT Aaron Gallegos - Guitar / Bass Monday - 2 Spots, Tuesday - SOLD OUT Luis Gonzalez - Trumpet Monday - Spaced Limitied Ivan Gueorguiev - Piano Tuesday, Thursday - Space Limited Trenton Hull - Voice Monday - Spaced Limited Michael Kenney - Piano Friday, Saturday - 2 spots Ashley McAllister - Violin Monday, Wednesday -  SOLD OUT Adela McGuire - Piano Monday - Saturday - Space Limited Shirley Miedrich - Piano/ Voice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - SOLD OUT Hannah Monk - Violin Tuesday - 3:30-8:00 SOLD OUT Rip Phelan  - Drums Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Spaced Limited Sergio Rodriguez - Guitar Monday - Saturday - Spaced Limited Chris Villanueva - Piano Monday - 2 spots / Tuesday 4-8:30 SOLD OUT, Friday - 1 spot Glenn Wallace - Guitar/ Bass Monday - Thursday - Spaced Limited Peggy Whitwell - Piano Tuesday - SOLD OUT   Sam Wood- Violin Thursday - Spaced Limited Grace Wright - Voice Saturday - Spaced Limited Director's Corner: HOW DO CONCERTS WORK?   Talk to your teacher soon!   Concerts play an important part in the development of any musician. I am a big believer that to be a really great performer, you have to have consistent and gradual performance experience.   In addition to consistent performance experience, you need to have positive performance experiences.   Often, students are pushed to perform when they are not ready and this can lead to a negative performance experience. The effects of a negative performance experience can take years to undo.   All of the teachers at the School stress that concerts are optional and low pressure. Students do not have to perform but many choose to. If you would like to perform or would like for your child to perform, here’s how it works:   1. Ask your teacher if you are ready to perform.   Teachers can recommend your student to specific Jazz or Rock Schools if your student is ready. These classes are held once a week and are an hour Long.   Star Power Students get to participate is numerous Concerts and Festivals, and experience the band feel. Also, perhaps you can simply attend as an audience member the first time around so you will know what to expect and be ready to participate next time.   2. One of the many benefits of being a Frisco School of Music student, is that we host performance opportunities several times a year.   When you perform at the concerts or music showcases, you really want to have something great prepared to play. It will make the entire experience a success for you that will enhance your development instead of impeding it.   If you or your child are not quite ready to perform, don’t worry, there’s another conert right around the corner. If you are interested in performing, please talk to your teacher asap.   I look forward to another great round of concerts and shows this year!   If you have any questions, just give us a call. Chris Duncan Director Allison Ponthier (voice) Age: 15 Favorite Bands: The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ben Folds, Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire What do you like about jazz band class? "It gives me an appreciation for artists of all genres and broadens the way I express myself" Dario Uribe (drums) Age: 14 Favorite Bands: Dream Theater, Dio, Rush, Metallica   What do you like about the class? "My favorite thing about the Rock School Class is the chance to play with other people!" Christian Rivera (guitar) Age: 15 Favorite Bands: Falling in Reverse, Asking Alexandria What do you like about the class? “I like the chance to improve my skills on the guitar and the chance to play with a group.” To inquire about becoming a Frisco School of Music Star, call us at 214-436-4058! Other Rock School programs in the area charge over $300 per month!! Our classes are a better value and will save you over $1000 a year as a Frisco School of Music Parent.   Our parents save over $1000 a year! (Compared to other Schools in town)   We want to make sure that you understand why there is a substantial monetary difference. While other schools in the area claim to have "touring musicians" as their faculty, we understand that what really matters when it comes to your child's learning and influence in the future is not an overpriced traveling musician, but an experienced, quality, university trained teacher who specializes in their field of teaching, has real world gigging experience, and can teach beyond looking cool on stage. We make it accessible for you to be able to provide that experience for your child.   By choosing the Frisco School of Music, you are not only saving money you are getting higher quality teaching. 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