Newsletter :: March 2012 214-436-4058 Ready To Get Started? In this issue *Sunday Music *Rising Star Music Competition *Music and Your School-Age Child *Where Is Your Teacher Playing? Welcome Our New Students Who Enrolled in February David Dong Taylor Ernzen Murray McGuire Elena Pyne Ella Sperry Abby Kester Violet Leonard Travis Sauber Sage White Beau Lourcey Saritha Adharapurapu Bianca Hernandez Meghana Jonnalagadda Olivia Owens Jake Tipoff Suhani Ramesh Kumar Emma Mo Mia Mo Aarav Addanki Ishaan Chandra Steve Landers Christopher Vasquez Zidan Thomas Abigail Moore Dianna Stennett Michael Franklin Faris Abubideh Jacob & Katie Riemer Christopher Carbajal Sarah Dunn Trent Dunn Avery Primeaux Jacob Harper Abigail Janicek Tristan Powers Caden Smith Yuan Zhuand Isabella Rodriguez Craig Hicks Tim O'Sullivan Lauren O'Sullivan Olivia Bettin Diya Thomas Michelle Van Maciela Gabaldon Grace Hamilton Terrance Sanders Wilson Clark Katelyn Roberts Faith Bowers Hope Bowers Mason McMillan Thank you for being part of our School! The Frisco School of Music Team Announcing: Music Lessons Seven Days A Week News and Events Copyright 2012 Frisco School of Music Texas Music Teachers Association Frisco School of Music      ·      9255 Preston Road · Frisco, TX 75033      ·      214-436-4058 Is your child a RISING STAR? Would they like to compete for a TROPHY, CASH PRIZES, and earn a SCHOLARSHIP toward music lessons?   April 21, 2012 Featuring 2 very special GUEST JUDGES - One Musical Technical Judge, and one Talent Development Judge, who are looking to be WOW'ed by our talented young musicians. *$100 just for entering!!* All entrants receive a $100 Scholarship toward tuition at Frisco School of Music 2012-2013. Submit your VIDEO ENTRY to FSM by March 23 for a chance to be a finalist in your division (Piano, Guitar, Voice, Instrumental, & Multi-Talent). Ages 9-18. $45 entry fee. Ask your teacher or the front desk for more information! Rising Star Music Competition Best of Show Winners 2011: Josie Johnston & Quinlin Sandefer Music and Your School-Age Child Part One: Fun With Benefits   Whether dancing around the living room on a rainy day or singing along to the radio, school-age kids love listening to — and participating in — music. And there are loads of good reasons to encourage this enthusiasm. Research shows that kids who are actively involved in music (who play it or sing it regularly):       · do better in reading    · learn coordination, goal-setting,         concentration, and cooperation    · are more likely to do better in math and      science because music helps build reasoning      skills and cognitive development, which are      important to both    · get along better with their peers and have       higher self-esteem    · are more likely to go to college   One study demonstrated that second-grade students who were given keyboard training while also using math software scored higher on proportional math and fractions tests than students who used the software alone. And students who have been involved in public school music programs score higher on their SATs than those who don't.   But the best reason to encouraging a love of music might just be that it's fun. Kids (and many adults) enjoy few things more than singing, dancing, and listening to music. Where Are Your Teachers Playing? Home | Work For Us | Contact Us Piano and Keyboard Lessons Violin and Viola Lessons Summer Music Camps Guitar and Bass Lessons Drum and Percussion Lessons The Bands Voice and Singing Lessons Flute, Trumpet and Saxophone Lessons Performing Arts Preschool Office Open December 27 to 29 and January 2 to 5 - 11 to 2 pm Christmas Break - Lessons Resume January 7th Music Registration Hotline - Phone Calls Only - December 26, 2 to 5 pm