Newsletter :: March 2011 214-436-4058 Rising Star Deadline March 26th Here’s how it works:   Students enter their video performance and application before the deadline date of March 26th, 2011.   Three finalists will be chosen for each instrument division in each age category to compete on April 16th, 2011.   Finalists will be announced by April 1st, and then notified by April 4th, 2011, and as to the specific time of their division performance on Contest Day April 16th.    Enter Now to Save your Place! Send in your talent video by March 26th Ready To Get Started? In this issue *Rising Star Deadline *Welcome Our New Students *Important Dates *Refer a Friend and Get a Free Lesson *Join a Band! *Student of the Month *Director’s Corner: What I like about my music lessons. Welcome New Students Aarya Patil Angel Herrera Austin Lyons Bishara Iseid Colten Phillips Fran Caruso Frannie Schoenauer Harshita Ganipineni Jack Bryan Jerry Caruso Jessica Noffsinger Kade Winterton Kyra Castillo Logan O'Connor Macy Bartels Madison Gray Michael Wheat Neel Panging Nicholas Bailey Quinlin Sandefer Rachel Erlinger Rohit Ragurum Ryan Gerleman Ryan Schroder Sophia Albornoz Tessa Elizondo Trace Tuthill Violet Leonard Zoe Moscowitz Zoya Burney Important Dates   March 5th SPRING MUSIC FESTIVAL FOR STAR POWER STUDENTS Students perform one memorized piece for a performance judge and audience, receiving comments and performance ribbon   March 7th-12th PARENT PERFORMANCE WEEK For Guitar, Piano & Singers Labs Parents attend last half of weekly class for student performance, curriculum information and class expectations.   April 2nd MUSICAL ARTS SCHOOLHOUSE FALL REGISTRATION OPEN HOUSE Preschool and Kindergarten Fall Registration OPEN HOUSE   Saturday April 2nd, 2011 10:00-12:00 Preschoolers ages 3-4-5 12:30-2:30 Kindergarten Tuition Specials (save $150 for Kindergarten and $125 for Preschool with on-site registration), Meet the Teachers, Snacks, Prize Drawing and more! 972.346.8236    Did you know you can join a Band?  Star Power Bands are for beginners through advancing players on all instruments. Learning to play together as a team, mastering your part, putting it all together as a stage performance, learning about basic styles and concepts is covered each week. Basic music theory concepts are also taught using examples from the songs the bands are playing. Students move ahead in their skill levels at their own pace, and the teacher assigns parts appropriate for each band member. Rock 'n Roll (classic and contemporary), jazz standards, and familiar classics. Star Power Band Series students participate in all school activities including Star Power Performances, Concerts, Festivals, Competitions, Texas State Theory Test (optional) and more, along with our graded music theory curriculum (with private teacher). Earn certificates, performance and memory ribbons, and theory medals. Call us for more details and trial classes! Student of the Month Anisha Lobo    Each month we feature one student from our music school as they share a little bit about themselves and about their musical experiences.   1. What instrument do you play? I play the Piano   2. How long have you taken lessons? I have been taking lessons for almost 8 years   3. Who are your favorite musical artists? I enjoy listening to Classic Rock Bands such as The Beatles, and Queen. As well as pop artists like Beyonce.   4. What are your other hobbies besides music? I sing in my school choir and I also enjoy baking.   5.What is the coolest thing you have learned in your lessons The coolest thing I have learned is to enhance a piece by adding dynamics.   6. You take Rock Band Classes here at the Frisco School of Music. What has that been like? The bands classes offer different styles. I have been in the Classical, Jazz and Rock Band Classes. The classes grant a great opportunity to work with other students and collaborate on songs. It is a wonderful environment to be in because you make plenty of new friends.   7. What do you learn in Rock Band Class? In the Rock Band Class you learn how to write songs, coordinate chords with the melodies and many other things!   We would like to Thank Anisha for referring her friends to the Frisco School of Music! YOU ROCK! Director's Corner  Why I like My Music Lessons   Incredible things are happening each week at the Frisco School of Music. Children and adults are creating lifelong memories and experiences that they will remember forever.  Just walk through our halls on any afternoon or evening and you will hear inspiring music of all styles coming from each studio, and the students and teachers interacting to "fine tune" how they are approaching each musical line, each measure and each note.   Every week I have the chance to speak with parents who are asking about lessons for their children, and they tell me about their lessons when they were growing up.  You know....they remember EVERYTHING about their lessons, how old they were, who their teachers were, the type of music they learned.  We are lucky to be able to be involved in creating these memories for our students day after day, and we take it very seriously. Someday, our students will be telling stories about how they took lessons when they were growing up. This is the best job on the planet!   If you have not yet had a chance to visit our lobby display that boasts hand written testimonials from current students about WHY I LIKE MY MUSIC LESSONS, then I can share some of their thoughts with you here.   “I like my music lessons because they mean that I can play the violin better and better and let other people enjoy it. Most people don't play it and I'm glad I got the chance to. I'm glad I have a teacher to teach me instead of learning on my own” FSM Student   “I really like my music lessons! They help me on my staff! So on a Tuesday morning in the school music class, I would know my staff. So music lessons help in different ways. And plus, I love music, it is fun and it keeps me from being bored. I'm so so so glad I take music lessons here! :)” FSM Student   “I like my music lessons because  my teacher thinks I have potential and she uses her time to help me become a better singer. This means a lot to me because I want to be a famous singer when I grow up” FSM Student   “I love my music lessons because I love my teacher, and because she tells me to put my heart and soul into the music I play. The first time I started music lessons I didn’t know much about music, but now I really enjoy playing the piano and in the future I even consider composing music like Mozart or Beethoven!” FSM Student   Creating memories is just one of the benefits of taking music lessons and learning to play.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it.     Chris Duncan Director Thank you for being part of our School The Frisco School of Music Team     Refer a Friend and Get a Free Lesson  Have a friend who might like to take lessons? Refer them to the Frisco School of Music and when they enroll in lessons, we’ll give you a lesson for free!! It’s very easy to refer someone. There’s no maximum to the amount of free lessons that you can receive! Stop by the Front Desk for a Certificate! 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