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In this issue *Congratulations Achievement Graduates *6 Steps to Learn Any Song *Congratulations Elizabeth Wendt Welcome Our New Students Who Enrolled in May Lauren Rose Terry Loggains Ashley Pellham Jade Angustia Megan Walton Daylia Hollins Rob Mayes Gabriela Balassiano Rafael Balassiano Madison Greene Lauren Gardner Abbie Thomson Drew Price Luis Urtecho Thomas Shields Lilian Ried Hannah Jennings Madelyn Benware Mary Charmaine Plana Leah Wilson Lily Roth Tejas Paleti Hunter  McCroy Brian Wilson Kate Wilson Sarah Wilson Zayna Siddiqua Pari Safari Viddhi Mathrani Buse On Kate Parsons Marlene Rajan Lauren Lewis Sai Harshini Gudladona Smriti Menon Isabella Dellagatta Anoushka Majumdar Frances Tingle Olivia Flory Meaghan Wolski Balakishan Ravindran Isabella Dellagatta Jacob Mocny Jack Burgess Paul Fernando Parsa Safavi Lauren Yates Jordan Rodriguez Ashleigh Steinhauser Evan Steinhauser Valeria Verdaguer Erin Allgood Yasmin Martin Emily Clark Kennedy Crociata Daniel Roche Mary Schmidt Cora Yoesting Lily Baumgarther Ryan Christie Carson Hines Sophia Schafer Julie Vogel Valeria Verdaguer Avery Vogel Anthony Florentine Erin Allgood Zeina Habash Sibelle Zambie Ethan Bertsch Nicholas Newbury Joshua Mark Mia Rosenfeld Kara Rosenfeld Ryan Christie Anthony Florentino Alessandro Mayrhofer Emma Pettengill Anna Fox Sidharth Rao Claudia Mayrhofer Theresa Schmidt Nicholas Newbury Sidharth Rao Ivanna Bilic Ashley Wilde Madison Kaminski Carter Behrens Sean Page Claudia Eldredge Aryana Fatahiyar Baylee Frye Vinay Ayinapurapu Joshua Ramos Ciara Buchanan Ariana Buchanan Jaden Johnson Aditi Adya Thank you for being part of our School! The Frisco School of Music Team Congratulations, Graduates: News and Events Copyright 2012 Frisco School of Music Texas Music Teachers Association Frisco School of Music      ·      9255 Preston Road · Frisco, TX 75033      ·      214-436-4058 Six Steps to Learn Any Song How I Learned 45 Songs in a Week; From our Drum Instructor, Rip Phelan   The Back Story: In the first part of his article, Rip started telling us about how he learned 45 songs in ONE WEEK! - and how you can do it, too!  He taught us about Form, Counts, and Groove.  This month, he talks about Ensemble figures, Fills, and Variations. Click here to read the first part of Rip's article in our May newsletter!    4. Ensemble figures (Hits): A lot of songs have rhythmic figures the whole band plays as in Back in Black by AC/DC. This is the next area of focus and will really make you sound like you know the song. By now you know the form and the basic grooves. Now, you’re learning what makes this song unique. I start with mimicking the rhythm that’s played by clapping. Then, I’ll figure out which drums and cymbals are used by listening closely. Once I can play it confidently, I need to make sure I know where it goes in the context of everything else. I’ll usually make notes under my form map and even write out the figure and what measure it starts on.                      5. Fills: Usually, people jump to this section first when learning a tune. I admit, this is where the fun is for a lot of drummers. It’s a chance to show off a little and learning a fill creates a delightful challenge. But, starting here doesn’t get you called back for the gig. You can fake the fills if you understand the tune. And, you can even try out some of your own to wow the audience but, you have to know when to play them to sell it. Learning the specific fill isn’t necessary for every song but, can be very useful in building up your ‘bag of tricks’. And, there’s usually a lot of technical and creative discoveries when learning someone else’s fills. The big thing is to know when they start and stop. If you must, write out the fill. I will mark my form map with ‘+’ or little arrows to know when to play the fills. If it’s a more specific fill I’ll add the notation to my form map. 6. Variations: At this point, you really have the song down. You could have played the gig by step 3 or 4. This is the extra finesse that stands you apart from another drummer playing the same music. Learning where that variation on the hi-hat comes in or the extra ghost notes can mean a lot. What’s especially cool is when you can play the groove exactly like the record and, have the option to play something else. The late, great Tony Williams said something about learning what every else did so he can play what they didn’t. Without this detailed knowledge of drummers before him played, he could never develop his own style and create the amazing ideas that came from his playing.   That’s it, sorta. Learn your songs in mostly this order: 1.  Form 2.  Counts 3.  Grooves 4.  Hits 5.  Fills 6.  Variations   I can usually be comfortable enough to stop at step 3 or 4 and start the same thing for another tune - before I even touch a drum set. I have notebooks full of charts like these. I make them small enough to tape to a cymbal stand or put them in a half page spiral so it’s easy to flip through on stage.   How this helps? Understanding the flow of the tune helps you know when to change to the different beats in the song. Plus, knowing when to play a fill while leading to a new section will allow you to experiment with other fills more confidently. After charting out a couple of tunes you can  quickly hear how the music is going to unfold. This will get you through a song without the luxury of spending hours behind the kit learning each bit. Plus, you can learn a lot of music just in time for that gig on the weekend!   Now, go practice. - The Rip. Thirty-seven FSM Students participated in Student Achievement Graduations last weekend, June 2 & 3. Each student performed a memorized program in front of a judge, and received a prize medal and certificate for completing their level of study. BRAVO!!! A big round of applause to our students and teachers who were a part of this successful weekend! Where Is My Teacher Playing? Congratulations to Shirley Miedrick and her student Elizabeth Wendt! Elizabeth just got accepted to The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston to major in Vocal Studies! She studied piano and voice with Shirley at FSM, and also attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts. Bravo, Elizabeth!!! Summer Camps & Private Lessons are filling fast! Sign up today: 214-436-4058 FSM Student Accepted to Prestigious Music Conservatory
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