Newsletter :: June 2011 214-436-4058 Events For June Ready To Get Started? In this issue *Events for June *Is Your Teacher Sold Out? *iBand - New for Fall *Welcome New Students *iPad Singers at Frisco Arts *Welcome New Students *Director’s Corner: Improvising Welcome New Students Alan Mann Alex Durham Alex Hayes Alex Lazar Ali Bragg Anahita Poongundran Annika Keesecker Christopher Roberson Cierra Roush Diego Hooper Elie Robinson Emilie Ewing Fariba Alavi Farzin Alavi Gabriella Kush Gabrielle Houser Isabella Kotturi Jaden Ferguson Jennifer Godwin Jim Hull Joe Wylot Joseph McGinnis Joshus McGinnis Karthik Nair Lily Roth Livela Monono Mia Palacios Omer Sobol Parth Singh Priya Bapna Ryan Michie Sara Redding Savannah Damiano Savannah Simmons Shanya Setoudeh Sid Singh Sofia Mann Tatum Plunk Taylor Webb Tyler Gaines Vivek Nair Student of the Month: iBand Each month we feature one student from our music school as they share a little bit about themselves and about their musical experiences. This time we decided to feature our iBand! This is an advanced class taught by Gabriel Bautista with all of the instruments being iPad Apps. All of the students are taking music lessons at the school and were able transfer those skills to the various iPad applications. The video is a compilation of the three performances they gave for the Star Power concerts at the school. They chose three Beatles tunes as a tribute to Apple (computers and records), 'All My Lovin" and a "Hey Jude-Come Together" medley. The iBand performers are: Allison Ponthier, 15, Lowery Freshman Center, Vocalive; Cal Simpson, 13, Evans Middle School, Guitar-Garage Band; Colin Climie, 15, Clark High School, iJ Bass HD; Idrissa Ndiaye, 15, Jasper High School, Piano-Garage Band; Montana Brock, 13, McKinney Christian Academy, Drums-Garage Band; and Gabriel Bautista, Instructor, Pocket Organ.   We would like to thank the iBand and their families for referring their friends to the Frisco School of Music! YOU ROCK! Director's Corner: Improvising This article is from my friend Marty Fort in South Carolina.  Celebrity Apprentice Backs Up My Musical CEO Theory - by Marty Fort Well it’s official. The final four contestants on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice have been determined and three out of the final four contestants are musicians.Last year’s celebrity apprentice was won by 80s hair metal icon Brett Michaels from the band Poison. Odds are a musician will win this year too. This year’s final four features John Rich (Country), Little John (Hip Hop) and Meatloaf (Classic Rock/Broadway).I’ll say it again: I see this as NO coincidence. A lot of parents are intensely focused on sight reading and hours of rigidpractice for their child. The connection between these musician’s ability to: 1. Improvise (think creatively) 2. Have great stage presence (performance experience) 3. Work in a team (rock band or group music experience)is what has made them successful in business and in music. Who do I think will win the TV show? I’m putting my money on Little John. He has the stage presence, creativity and ability to work with others that sets him above the rest. Can I get a YEAH!? I encourage you to talk to your teacher about your child learning how to improvise as well as to get involved in group music education suchas our Rock School Band and Jazz School Band programs. If you have any questions, just give us a call. Chris Duncan Director Thank you for being part of our School! The Frisco School of Music Team As a Student of the Frisco School of Music You are welcome to invite a friend to attend your lesson during - Bring a Friend Week! ----------------- June 11 Music Showcase  Students share their favorite music and perform in a relaxed and friendly setting (memory not required). Participants turned in entry from. -----------------   June 25 FSM SPRING MAKE-UP WORKSHOP
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