Newsletter :: July 2011 214-436-4058 Events For July Ready To Get Started? In this issue *Events for July *Is Your Teacher Sold Out? *Practice Club Card Winner: Austin Wolters *Bring a Friend Drawing Winner: Ashleigh Lobo *Director’s Corner: Changing Teachers Welcome New Students Addison Gampper Allyson Lirette Amanda King Amber Slaughter Andrew Naber Anja Newbury Anthony Florentino Ashley King Austin Walker Bella Hull Brady Gampper Caitlyn Haynes Celina Przybysz Christian Chavez Cole Rogers Devin Leeman Dominic Migliore Elizabeth Piper Emerson Shouse Emma Short Eshaan Chichula Ganesh Thyagarajan Gracie Dreger Gracie Murray Grant Fazekas Grayson Keith Hanna Kevric Hannah Cain Hunter Bachman Jay Smith Jeslyn Vardeleon John Apostolidis John Garza Kaia Mann Congratulations Austin Wolters! Practice Club Card Winner Don't Forget to turn in your Practice Club Card to participate in the Big Drawings!   Get Ready to Win Big!!!!   We draw two big winners each year, one in December and one in May!   Director's Corner: BLASTING TEACHER CHANGE ANXIETY Yep…it happens every year. Students move to the next grade level at school and meet a new teacher, or several new teachers, that they will be learning from. The new math and science teacher explain things a bit differently, and the new English teacher expects reports to be written in a different format. And with each new approach the student will be growing and learning at their next level, getting input from professional educators that will make a positive impact on the student for a lifetime. The same scenario applies to a new music lesson teacher. Of course, staying with your same teacher is preferred if a change is not necessary. However, if you find yourself in the situation where your current music lesson teacher is not available for next year, take a deep breath and avoid a panic. Let me assure you that continuing lessons with a new teacher will work out and be a joyful learning experience, full of growth and exploration to the next level of musicianship. In fact, we have many families at FSM who switch teachers every two years in order to get a new perspective! A change in teachers is in almost every case a very positive thing. I asked our Faculty about the different teachers that they studied with over their musical lives, and received many comments that opened my eyes to the benefits of learning from professional musicians from different backgrounds. Here are just a few thoughts from our Faculty about their past teachers and how they influenced them through music: “I always really appreciated getting different teachers' insights into music- some were better at teaching than others but I learned something from every one of them, whether it was something very technical, or they just sort of shared in their musical inspiration for an hour a week. And my feeling was always that my music teachers were guides - that the real work and discovery was up to me. But the teacher provided me with the invaluable service of steering me in the right direction. All of the teachers I've had have left an indelible impression on me and have all become essential ingredients in the musician (and the person!) that I am today” ~ FSM Faculty, Piano Teacher “We moved a lot when I was growing up, and so I had many different guitar teachers along the way. I was sad to leave my teachers (I still keep in touch with several of them), but looking back it was definitely a good thing for my personal technique development and I was exposed to so many different styles of music. I was fortunate to be able to learn from so many incredible teachers, each of them had a fresh way of approaching different techniques, helped me learn cool ways to play better, and guided me toward different styles of music that I did not even think I would be interested in” ~ FSM  Faculty, Guitar Teacher “I was very quiet, shy and reserved as a child (you wouldn’t know it now!) and my mom always searched out very patient and thoughtful piano teachers for me. It is funny; my most favorite teachers were the (closet) eccentric and fun teachers who really brought their personality into the lessons. I had my first teacher for just 6 months and LOVED my lessons, then another teacher for two years and several other teachers and coaches along the way. Now I think I take after them more and more. I love teaching and bringing the joy of making music into the lives of my students” ~ FSM Faculty, Piano Teacher  If you need assistance with your teacher selection for the 2011-2012 school year please let me know. Your own musical journey can become unforgettable by working with our terrific Faculty! I encourage you to talk to your teacher about your child learning how to improvise as well as to get involved in group music education suchas our Rock School Band and Jazz School Band programs. If you have any questions, just give us a call. Chris Duncan Director Thank you for being part of our School! The Frisco School of Music Team Is Your Teacher SOLD OUT for 2011-2012?  Kathi Bass Tuesday - SOLD OUT Wednesday - 1 spot Thursday - SOLD OUT Friday - 2 spots Gabriel Bautista Monday - SOLD OUT Wednesday SOLD OUT Aaron Caruthers Monday - Space Limited Saturday - 1 spots Wes Case Saturday Space Limited Jesse Chandler Wednesday - 2 spots Thursday - 2 spots Diana Chirodea SOLD OUT Aaron Cotton Monday 5:30-8:45 SOLD OUT Thursday 3:30-8:00 SOLD OUT Colin Davis Available Thru 9pm Monday - 2 spots Tuesday 4-8:30 SOLD OUT Thursday 3:30-7:30 SOLD OUT Melissa DeMarco Available Thru 9pm Tuesday 4-8:30 SOLD OUT Wednesday 5:30-8 SOLD OUT Thursday 6-8:30 SOLD OUT Kelly Ebler Available Thru 9pm Tuesday 5-7:30 SOLD OUT Aaron Gallegos Monday 4:30-8:00 SOLD OUT Tuesday 6-8:30 SOLD OUT Michael Kenney Friday-Saturday Space Limited Ashley McAllister Monday 4-7:30 SOLD OUT Wednesday 4-7:45 SOLD OUT Thursday 3:30-6:15  SOLD OUT Shirley Miedrich Monday - SOLD OUT Tuesday - 1 spot Wednesday - 3 spots Hannah Monk Tuesday 3:30-6:00 SOLD OUT Rip Phelan Spaced Limited Monday-Friday Joshua Ponce Spaced Limited Monday and Friday Sergio Rodriguez Available Thru 9pm Monday 3:30-7:30 SOLD OUT Tuesday 4:30-8:30 SOLD OUT Wednesday 6-8 SOLD OUT Thursday 4-7:30 SOLD OUT Glenn Wallace Available Thru 9pm Monday Few Spots Open Tuesday Few Spots Open Wednesday Few Spots Open Thursday Few Spots Open Peggy Whitwell Tuesday 4:30-7:30 SOLD OUT ENROLL NOW! Happy 4th of July!   Remember  NO CLASSES FOR THE WEEK OF JULY 4TH- 9TH    OUR REGISTRATION DESK WILL BE OPEN  Tuesday - Friday   11 AM - 4 PM    Saturday   10 AM - 1 PM    -------------   July 23   FSM SUMMER MAKE-UP WORKSHOP Bring a Friend Gift Card Winner! Remember to ALWAYS share music with your friends during this week for a chance to win exciting prices! Congratulations Ashleigh Lobo! 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