Newsletter :: April 2011 214-436-4058 Rising Star Finalists - April 26th Performance Ready To Get Started? In this issue *Rising Star Finalists *Welcome Our New Students *Camryn Toney - Student of the Month *Summer Camps *Director’s Corner: What to expect from lessons and practice *Refer a friend and get a free lesson *Join a Band! Welcome New Students Sara Redding Brinda Girish Holly Dyer Kameron Rougeau Marcus Hill Ronnie Girish Alex Lazar Charlize Faberzak Grant Koch Melanie Faberzak Alexa Long Daylen Griessmeyer Hannah West Linda Vest Madison Peake Kendall Ketchand Zachary Smith Ashley Faux Madeline Coleman McKenzie Porter Jillian Rayes Meredith Shannon Terrance Sanders Luke Biamont Tyler Gaines Hanna Raksha Jackson Gregory Selise Phillips Asad Daruwala Daanish Daruwala Jayden Logan Paige Sumner Shanya Setoudeh Fariba Alavi Farzin Alavi Jacob Dorfmeister Josh Dorfmeister Joshua Smith Mackenzie Muse Priya Bapna Savannah Damiano Alexis Parker Brinlee Knieriemen Chatin Barnard Jake Perkin Julian Parker Lexi Knieriemen Gabriel Hentschel Nicole Hentschel Jennifer Godwin Noah Bryant Andrea Hoinka Brandon Messmann Kenna Bisel Kyler Bisel Mackenzie Arnolds Brianna Leavell Jonathan Mathew Katharine Hudson Daniel Joiner Sabrina Roche Livela Monono Sierra Pinkney Taylor Pinkney Refer a Friend and Get a Free Lesson  Have a friend who might like to take lessons? Refer them to the Frisco School of Music and when they enroll in lessons, we’ll give you a lesson for free!! It’s very easy to refer someone. There’s no maximum to the amount of free lessons that you can receive! Stop by the Front Desk for a Certificate! Drums Multi-Talented Multi-Talented Evan Ravitz 9-13 Years Old 14-18 Years Old Conor Schoeneberg Quinlin Sandefer Allison Ponthier John Thompson Nicole Phillips Anisha Lobo   Branson Plunk   Piano 9-10 Years Old 11-13 Years Old 14-18 Years Old Kavitya Sarma Daniel Pennington Colin Ewing Louis Urtecho Nivedina Sarma Anisha Lobo Lauren Pan Dylan Garrett Riley Chapman     Voice 9-11 Years Old 12 and Up Guitar/Bass Camryn Toney Olivia Greer Christian Rivera Kendall Bowser Josie Johnston Matthew Lee Faith Christian Serene Boachie Hunter Kyle Julia Taylor Collin Climie Congratulations! We hope that all of you will be joining us for the excitement of the live performances and judging with announcement of the WINNERS and BEST OF SHOW on Saturday April 16 from 11:00-4:30pm! Student of the Month: Camryn Toney Each month we feature one student from our music school as they share a little bit about themselves and about their musical experiences. “Music expresses your emotion and how you feel mixed with a piece of fine art. When you feel sad then you play a happy song and feel better. Music Lessons have taught me how to do that, and how I can express my feelings or relationship with music. They make that connection. They have started my relationship with music.”   We would like to thank Camryn for referring her friends to the Frisco School of Music! YOU ROCK! Are you ready for Summer? Do not miss our GLEE Singing Camp! Space Limited - CALL TODAY! Featuring songs from GLEE: Don't Stop Believin' • Keep Holding On • Lean On Me • Safety Dance • Don’t Rain On My Parade   Vocal technique · Warm-ups · Sight-Singing · Parent performance at last class Materials include CD, Lyrics, Music Fun Book Director's Corner: What to Expect from Lessons and Practice BEGINNERS:  Teachers recommend at least three to five days per week of home music practice - even if just for a few minutes. The first year of lessons is "exploratory" and our goal is to encourage a love for music. We encourage students to play at home for their parents. We find that many kids do better in group lessons to start because they like the social interaction. In the first year of study, don't force practice. Instead offer encouragement and show that you're interested in how your son or daughter is doing. When you're folding laundry or doing paperwork, for example, have your child perform a mini concert of songs he or she is learning. Some ideas for very young learners include - student plays instrument, parent plays while student sings or points to music, point to printed musical score and sing away from instrument (words, rhythms, finger numbers, etc.), workbook pages, flash cards, or other creative and joyful musical experiences. SECOND YEAR STUDENTS and BEYOND: The most effective home practice program for the second year elementary player is based on a 15-20 minute session four to five times per week dedicated to quality practice. It is suggested that you and your young musician mutually agree on a practice time, and a special area of your home designated for their area of musical study. A final one or two minute performance is always effective at the end of the practice session. SHOW UP FOR LESSONS: Parents are asked to attend the child's first few private music lessons and of course are welcome at each and every lesson. For group lessons, parents attend the last 5 minutes of each class to ask the teacher any questions and learn more about home assignments, etc. Knowing what's going on in the class will allow you to better help your young music student at home. One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to touch base with your child's instructor at lesson time. BE CREATIVE WITH MOTIVATION - WORK IT INTO DAILY LIFE: We all lead busy lives.  We may come home from work very stressed out.  Music practice may be the last thing we want to do - it is hard work after all, right?  Try this intrinsic, long-term motivation technique...  Tell your child, "I've had a really hard day.  I'm tired and stressed out.  It would really help me relax and feel better to sit down and listen to your beautiful music."  Then, do EXACTLY that.  Sit and listen, relax and smile.  Do not worry about right vs. wrong.  Don't correct them on anything.  They will feel much appreciated in knowing that you enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Plus, it's a long-term effort that resulted in their accomplishments and it's directly related to music! ADULTS: Many adults are heading back to lessons or starting an instrument from the beginning.  Review the lesson assignment as soon as possible after seeing the teacher each week, and make an “appointment” with yourself for personal practice time.  If your week gets too busy to practice, attend your lesson as usual and the teacher will help you get back on track.  Do not live or die one week at a time…think of the commitment to learning a new skill over 9-12 months and you will be very pleased with your progress. WHEN TO CALL THE DIRECTOR – ANYTIME! Please give us a call if you have any questions about home assignments, your lesson schedule, a question for the teacher, or any comment about something that is not right about your lessons.  Our job is to place students in the correct learning environment with a teacher that is the right fit for your students’ personality. WE WANT YOU TO LOVE YOUR LESSONS AND YOUR TOTAL EXPERIENCE AT FSM! Chris Duncan Director Did you know you can join a Band?  Star Power Bands are for beginners through advancing players on all instruments. Learning to play together as a team, mastering your part, putting it all together as a stage performance, learning about basic styles and concepts is covered each week. Basic music theory concepts are also taught using examples from the songs the bands are playing. Students move ahead in their skill levels at their own pace, and the teacher assigns parts appropriate for each band member. Rock 'n Roll (classic and contemporary), jazz standards, and familiar classics. Star Power Band Series students participate in all school activities including Star Power Performances, Concerts, Festivals, Competitions, Texas State Theory Test (optional) and more, along with our graded music theory curriculum (with private teacher). Earn certificates, performance and memory ribbons, and theory medals. Call us for more details and trial classes! 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