Register for the February 20-21 Coffee House!!
Private Music Lesson Students

This is an opportunity for private lesson students of all ages and levels to performa memorized solo in front of family and friends. This event is included in your FSM membership. No additional concert fees required.

Registration ends January 31 or when 225 students are registered. 
Registration forms are in the lobby under the bulletin boards. Please turn in form to front desk.

Pick up your Practice Theory Test!!
Music Lesson Students
If you registered for the Theory Test, your practice tests are ready to be picked up at the front desk.

A parent will need to sign that  you received your tests.

Inside your envelope you will find an
instruction letter and 2 practice tests. 
Please read the instructions carefully as they
 will lead you to the website for the ear training 
portion of your tests and Theory Time Workbook.

Tests are due back on or before April 10.
You must return BOTH completed practice tests AND completed Theory Time Workbook
including all ear training sections of your book.
We will not accept any incomplete tests or books.
ALL must be turned in at the same time.

A Gazillion Experiences ~ and Counting !

BEST Christmas Gift I received this year ... tickets to a live Broadway Theatre Show - got the T-Shirt, CD and all the rest. We had a great time, from the drive to the venue, parking, people-watching, and of course the excitement of live performance at the cool event space! Memories and experiences. 

It made me think about all of the experiences we have here at our school. So I started making a list and could not believe the numbers. Last year we hosted more experiences for our amazing students and families than ever before! Here is how it shook out:

YEAR OF 2015 Experiences:
35,000 Weekly Lesson and Class Experiences (really!)
47 Music Coffee House Shows: 600 students performed
3 Variety Shows: Dance, Art, Acting, Musical Theatre - 150 performed
2 Rock Band Blowout Shows: 30 Rockers and 20 Soloists
12 Music Achievement Graduation Programs: 150 performed
6 MusicFest Shows: 110 students performed from our group classes
1 Faculty/Honor Student Recital: 12 amazing faculty + 12 honor student solos
PLUS: New Performing Arts Building built right before our eyes!

And personally, I had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of publishing my first book, receiving a best-selling author award, interviewed on TV and invited to speak at several engagements, published a second book, and still managed to write an article each month for this stinking newsletter (see celebration picture above, me in LA after awards ceremony).

Whew...so much fun and excitement, and we made so many wonderful memories. Now, on to THIS YEAR. Thanks for joining us!!!

...By the way... if you are looking for more memorable experiences call one of our lesson specialists today at 214-436-4058


JANUARY 4th - WELCOME BACK - Lessons resume
- Register for February Coffee House

JANUARY 16th - Band Blowout 2pm
JANUARY 18th - 24th - Private Music Lesson Parent Teacher Conferences
JANUARY 23rd - Music Lesson Makeup Workshops

February 13th -
Music Lesson Makeup Workshops
February 20-21 - Coffee House Performances
February 22-28 - Group Student Performance Week (Wow Showcase)
February 27 - Adult Musicale Show

Private & Group Guitar Lessons
 Ages 6 & up

Our guitar teachers teach rock, blues, metal, country and classical guitar lessons on electric and acoustic guitars. As well as Bass, Mandolin and Ukulele.
Beginner students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each lesson you are challenged with a new technical or theory concept, but always end with something fun such as your favorite riff or song. 

Several performance opportunities throughout the year.

Lessons available 7 days a week!
 Spots are filling fast!  
CALL TODAY! 214-436-4058 

Welcome to our team!
Ms. Jennifer
Voice Teacher

Master of Arts Degree in Music, Vocal Concentration
   University of North Texas, Denton TX 2006
   Minor in Theatre
 Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance
   Auburn University, Auburn, AL 2000

Teaching & Musical Experience Includes:
Frisco School of Music 2016
Private and Group Music Teacher
   Voice (over ten years teaching experience)
   All Ages and Levels
   Pop, Rock, Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre,  Country
   Early Childhood Music
   Staging, Production Designer

Voice Lessons available with Ms. Jennifer 
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday!
 Spots are filling fast!  ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT ON SUNDAY!
CALL TODAY! 214-436-4058 

Welcome to our team!
Ms. Mikaela
Piano Teacher

Bachelor of Science Degree
   University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX in Progress
   Biomedical Engineering
   Music Participation

Teaching & Musical Experience Includes:
Frisco School of Music 2016
Piano Teacher, North Texas Area All ages and levels
   Studio Recitals
   Studied with Master Teacher 12 years
   Student Teacher 2011 - 2013
Texas Music Teachers Participation
   State Theory Test - all 12 levels
   TMTA Piano Ensembles, Piano Competitions and   
   Festivals, American Piano Festival, All-Star Piano  Festival

Piano Lessons available with Ms. Mikaela 
Saturday & Sunday!
 Spots are filling fast!  ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT ON SUNDAY!
CALL TODAY! 214-436-4058 

Welcome to our team!
Ms. Jessica
Piano Teacher

Bachelor of Science Degree
   University of the Incarnate Word,  San Antonio, TX 2015
   Kinesiology/Minor in Music

Teaching & Musical Experience Includes:
Frisco School of Music 2016
Piano and Keyboard Teacher
   All Ages and Levels, Private and Group
   Classical, Jazz, Blues, 
   Standard Teaching Repertoire
   Aural Skills
   Suzuki Method Experience
   Music and Athletics
   Synchronized Swimming

Piano Lessons available with Ms. Jessica 
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday!
 Spots are filling fast! SOLD OUT on Saturday!
CALL TODAY! 214-436-4058 

To Our New Students
If you are a new student and do not see your name on this list, check back next month!
Khushboo R., Rudy A., Alyssha E., Kylie B., Sai-Navneedh N., Nidhi S., Alyson E., Brandon E., Pete M., Anslee P., Sina M., Sid S., Keith K., 
Bentley F., Katherine K., Andrew L., Shae Q., Ava Q., Rishi C., Diva C., Preeti P., Luisa R., Emily F., Krish N., Jill S., Balaram P., Daniel C., Abby F., Aayushi B., Neila R.

Zoe Burroughs

Instrument(s): Viola
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Food:  Pasta
Hobbies:  Viola & anything music
How long have you been taking lessons?:  4.5 years
Who are your favorite bands/artists?:  The Beatles
What's your favorite song to play?:  Ode to Joy
What's your favorite part about taking lessons at FSM?:   Learning new music & studying music theory.

Teacher Shoutout: Ms. Rachel, Zoe's viola teacher says:  
Zoe started taking viola lessons last August. Since then she has progressed very quickly and has always shown up to her lessons prepared and very eager to learn. She always has questions on how to better herself as a violist. She is very intent on playing all her pieces as excellent as she can and assuring she always has good technique when she plays. Zoe is incredibly interested in music theory and has been very diligent doing her weekly lessons, usually doing more work than asked. I am very proud of the work Zoe has done and I look forward to seeing the great things she will do in the future. She has been such a delight to teach. :) 

Parent Shout Out:
We are very proud of Zoe for being selected as FSM Student of the Month for January 2016. She is very dedicated to practicing her viola each day without any reminding. Zoe truly has a love and passion for music that is all her own. Thank you for helping her grow and nurture that passion!!

Zoe's Mom & Family

And thanks Zoe for recommending your friends to our school.

Drum Lessons at FSM

Ages 6 - Adult
We offer private and group lessons 7 days a week!

We have a large drum studio with two drum sets allowing the teacher and the student to play at the same time, watching and mimicking the instructor making learning drums faster and easier. Learn a variety of popular styles of music like rock, pop, funk, metal, alternative and many more. Learning to play favorite songs. Students also learn proper technique, snare drum rudiments, note reading, coordination, independence, song form and structure. Ensuring a balanced and fulfilling experience learning drums.

Our group lessons are geared towards students with little or no prior drumming experience through year-one players. Students to progress at their own pace so you can join at any time during the year.  The teacher covers basics such as: holding sticks and striking a drum properly, basic coordination drills, easy rhythms, and playing as a group. Drums at home are not required; however a practice pad for home practice is helpful. Those with prior experience will be given more challenging rhythms and playing techniques. Every class features new rhythms and exercises and drills. The class teaches students to play with confidence, in a group or as a soloist, and most of all the goal is to truly enjoy drumming, and learn about notation and rudiment patterns.

Call today to sign up for your lesson with 
Spots are filling fast!
Limited Availability Monday - Saturday

Teacher Availability
Many teachers have sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact the Music Desk.
If you are not a student yet there are still limited lesson spots available.

VOICE/PIANOMs. Jennifer - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday Space Limited, Thursday Space Limited, Saturday Space Limited, Sunday 1 Spot.  Ms. Shirley - SOLD OUT. 
Ms. Evelyn - SOLD OUT except for Monday - Friday Space Limited. Ms. Avery - SOLD OUT except for Wednesday 2 Spots, Thursday 2 Spots, Friday 1 Spot.  Mr. Jordan - SOLD OUT except for Monday - Friday Early Afternoon Available ONLY. Ms. Sarah - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday Space Limited.
STRINGS: Mr. Nicholas - SOLD OUT except for Thursday 1 Spot. Ms. Rachel - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday & Wednesday 2 spots, early afternoon available Monday - Wednesday & Friday. 
Ms. Adriana - SOLD OUT except for Sunday 3 Spots.

PIANO: Mr. Gabriel - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 1 Spot each. 
Mr. Drew - SOLD OUT except for Thursday Space Limited, Friday 1 Spot. Mr. K.C. - Monday 2 Spots, Wednesday 1 Spots. Mr. Carlos - SOLD OUT except for Monday - Thursday Space Limited. 
Ms. Mikaela - SOLD OUT. Ms. Gayla - SOLD OUT. Ms. Adela - SOLD OUT except for Monday 1 Spot, Tuesday 1 Spot. Mr. Brian - SOLD OUT except for Monday 1 Spot, Tuesday 2 Spots, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday 1 Spot. Ms. Jessica - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday Space Limited, Thursday Space Limited, Sunday Space Limited.

DRUMS: Mr. Sam - SOLD OUT except for Friday Space Limited, Saturday 1 Spot.
Mr. Rip - Monday - Thursday Space Limited.

GUITAR: Mr. Gabriel - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 1 Spot each.
  Mr. Wes - SOLD OUT except for Monday Space Limited, Tuesday 2 Spots.  Mr. Ben - Tuesday Space Limited, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday Space Limited. Mr. Alex - Monday 1 Spot, Wednesday Space Limited, Friday 2 Spots.  Mr. Aaron - SOLD OUT except for Monday 3 Spots, Wednesday Space Limited.

DANCE: Ms. Tara - Monday: Pirates & Princesses 2 Spots, Hooping Space Limited. Thursday: Jr. Hip Hop Space Limited, Sr. Hip Hop 3 Spots, Ballet/Tap Space Limited.
Ms. Anjelica - Tuesday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited, Tap Space Limited. Wednesday: Ballet I Space Limited, Pirates & Princesses SOLD OUT, Ballet/Tap Space Limited, Thursday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited.
MUSICAL THEATRE: Mr. Jordan - Monday: Jr. Musical Theatre 2 Spots, Sr. Musical Theatre 3 Spots. Wednesday: Jr. Musical Theatre Space Limited, Sr. Musical Theatre SOLD OUT.

ACTING/DRAMA: Ms. Alissia - Tuesday: Jr. Actors Space Limited, Sr. Actors Space Limited

ART: Ms. Erlinda - Monday: Jr. Mixed Media Space Limited, Sr. Mixed Media Space Limited. Thursday: Cartooning Space Limited. Ms. Lina - Wednesday: Jr. Mixed Media Space Limited, Sr. Mixed Media SOLD OUT.

Call today to sign up for lessons. 
Spots are filling fast!

Pirates & Princesses
Tap & Ballet for Ages 3-6

 A fun combination class which introduces ballet and tap skills, while using creative movement techniques in order to develop body awareness, and spatial perceptions. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Students are instructed in proper body placement, alignment, balance and control. Also proper terminology and ballet technique. Tap is the art of creating rhythms and sounds by using precise patterns of foot movement. Tappers develop outstanding coordination, musicality, and rhythm as they progress from basic to more intricate and complex patterns. Dress Code: Any style or color leotard, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, supplied skirt & tiara (girls), supplied shirt & hat (boys), black jazz pants, jazz shoes, tap shoes (boys).

$25 Gift Card for You!
Helping us grow

Did you know? Most of our new students come from referrals by our current students and families,
Refer your friends and neighbors to our school. For each friend who enrolls and mentions your name, you will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card to spend any where you want. We appreciate you recommending our schools as we continue to grow!
Call our office for more information. 214-436-4058

Acting/Drama Classes
We have 3 big performance throughout the year!
Call today to be part of our great performing arts classes.

Our Acting/Drama class gives students a taste of what it means to be an actor. Not only do they learn several performance pieces for our 3 BIG Shows, students in this class will leave with a basic understanding of theatre fundamentals including stage directions and blocking, theatre terminology and a brief history of theatre. They will also explore improv, scene study and performance as well as learn how to audition for a play. This class is fun and interactive for students ages 4 - teen.