Ages 7-10

Not only is hooping a fun way to exercise, But it also challenges the mind and body while exploring physics with an inanimate object. The philosophy in hooping is similar to that practiced in martial arts, namely the act of being present. One must be aware and let go simultaneously. Hooping is not competitive but about community, sharing knowledge, tricks and experience.

In this class, all students are included into each class experience. Students progress at their own rate: no one is left behind. It's about the individual's flow, focus, style, concentration and experience. The more diversity there is, the better the class.

Each student has a practice hoop for class and at home practice. Three yearly big performances for family and friends. Come experience the fun and excitement of Hooping!

Call today to sign up for Hooping lessons with Ms. Tara! Spots are filling fast!  

September 14th  - Coffee House Performance Registration Begins -
Coffee House Performances are for Private Music Lesson Students to perform a
memorized solo for family and friends at the November 7-8 Coffee House Show!

September 28th - October 4th -
Parent Teacher Conferences for FSM Private Lesson Music Students -
Parents attend first 10 minutes of the private music lesson to discuss yearly student goals and progress 
October 5th -
Texas State Theory Test Registration Begins 
For private and group music students. Students take a written and listening test at their level, earn a medal for score of 90 or more. Theory Test held on April 24th, 2016
October 5th -
Achievement Graduation Registration Begins 
For private music students. Students perform 5-6 pieces plus technique for a judge to "graduate" from their level of study. Achievement Graduation held on June 4th & 5th, 2016. 
October 5th - October 11th - WOW Showcase - FSMPA Group classes
Parents attend the last 30 minutes of class to view progress and enjoy a brief performance. Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Voice, Art, Dance, Musical Theatre, Acting, Spanish.
October 10th - Makeup Workshops 
If you miss a music lesson sign up for a Makeup Workshop. A fun and exciting way to supplement your missed music lesson. 
October 11th - Coffee House Registration Deadline (for Nov. 7-8 shows)

Practice Club Card WINNER!
Ashley Richmond

Congratulations Ashley! She was the winner of the Practice Club Card drawing for the $35 Best Buy Gift Card.

You can be the next Practice Club Prize winner!  Just have your parents sign your Practice Club Card each time you practice-five practices earns you an entry into the drawing that happens twice a year!!

ASK your teacher about Practice Club Card!

And thanks Ashley for recommending your friends to our school.

To Our New Students
If you are a new student and do not see your name on this list, check back next month!
Gino Vo, Oscar Perez, Esteban Rerez, Sophia Velazquez, Lilian Johnson, Skyler Pope, Manyu Thota, Kshira Thota, Katrina Johnson, Srinidhi Thota, Jake Lawson, Neel Sharad, Saanvi Sharad, Hayden Frost, Adarsh Patil, Mia Lindsey, Cohen McDonald, Morgan Sherefield, Tanvi Kangralijar, Jahnvi Vallurupalli, Deetya Verma, Emily Budhu, Sritanvi Bulusu, Kaylee Funk, Liya Wang, Jackson Crouch, Nathaniel Guajardo, Sarah Hanta, Eklavya Hanta, Saurav Borad, Nidhi Borad, Davis Crimmins, Alex Yin, Landen Vernon, Aria Yanniello, Aadithya Jayaprathap, Sina Heibah, Mehrael Nazir, Emily Thomas, Aneesh Bollapragada, Catherina Ammons, Charan Pavuluri, Ishita Dua, Katelyn Roberts, Taylor Darrah, Bryce Bryant, Brooke Bryant, Georgia Ring, Timothy Ring, Jose Velazquez, Addisyn Stromberg, Ravina Menon, Olivia McMann, Matilda Mpofu, Ahan Tenneti, Clemintine McReynolds, Inaru Cruz, Monica Botello, Victoria Castro, Alexander Demchalk, Victoria Demchalk, Callum Rainey, Misha Shamim, Myra Shamim, Roshni Nayak, Shree Mishra, Siya Mehrotra, Isabella Pico, Savannah Freo, Yazhini Arunprakash, Phani Bulusu, Aarvin Sodhi, Piper Taylor, Violet Taylor, Natalie Watkins, Aastha Kashyap, Preston Peyton, Manah Shetler, Trisha Joshi, Allison Knapke, Elizabeth Knapke, Ronit Chhabra, Hanna Thai, Ava Sulton, Rohan Senthilkumar, Riley Kuber, Bruce Roever, Hema Suram, Maia Brown, Jayden Freyre, Emersyn Runions, Tatum Vonnegut, Gracie Miller, Jo-Elle Kimble, Jackson Sayre, Mary Lemmons, Ava Tran, Larissa Flores, Nithya Rao, Isha Muppala, Tyler Seibert,  Joshua Raja,  Logan Polce,  Varenna Rogers,  Porter Hendricks,  Paree Sardesai,  Kynian Desisso,  Caleb Brogen,  Lucas Polce,  Nicolas McCormack

Coffee House Registration
Begins September 14
Ends 5pm October 11, 2015
Registration forms are in the lobby in front of the bulletin boards and online at

Coffee House Show 
November 7 & 8, 2015

This is an opportunity for private music lesson students of all ages and levels to perform a memorized solo in front of an audience.

Completed registration forms must be turned into the front desk no later than 5pm Sunday October 11, 2015 to participate. Specific performance times are assigned after registration deadline. Performance times are non-reschedulable. If you have a specific time request please indicate that on your registration form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
This event is included in your yearly membership! No additional concert fees required.


$25 Gift Card for You!
Helping us grow

Did you know? Most of our new students come from referrals by our current students and families.
Refer your friends and neighbors to our school. For each friend who enrolls and mentions your name, you will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card to spend any where you want. We appreciate you recommending our schools as we continue to grow because of students like you!
Call our office for more information. 214-436-4058

Welcome to FSMPA

Sam Friedland - Drums

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music 2015
   Drums/Percussion concentration
   University of North Texas, Denton TX

Teaching & Musical Experience Includes:
Frisco School of Music 2015
Private and Group Drumming Teacher
All ages and levels
Performer in various bands, ensembles, festivals

Drumset, Congas, Timbales, Mallet Percussion.
Jazz, Rock, Funk, Afro-Cuban Salsa, Brazilian,
South Indian,
Electronic music, Visual Arts, Sound Design,
Scoring Commercial Ads, Studio Recording.
Call today to sign up for your lesson with Mr. Sam! Spots are filling fast!
Sunday with Mr. Sam SOLD OUT
Saturday Drums Lessons Limited Availability

Teacher Availability
Many teachers have sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact the Music Desk.
If you are not a student yet there are still limited lesson spots available.

VOICE/PIANOMs. Kayla - Tuesday Space Limited, Thursday Space Limited, Saturday SOLD OUT, Sunday 3 Spots. Ms. Shirley - Monday - Wednesday SOLD OUT. Ms. Evelyn - Monday - Friday Space limited. Ms. Avery - Wednesday 2 Spots, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday 1 Spot,  Saturday SOLD OUT. Mr. Jordan - Monday - Friday Early Afternoon Available ONLY. Ms. Sarah - Tuesday Space Limited, Saturday & Sunday Space Limited.
STRINGS: Mr. Nicholas - Thursday 3 Spots, Saturday Space Limited, Sunday SOLD OUT. Ms. Rachel - Monday 3 Spots, Tuesday 3 Spots, Wednesday Space Limited, Friday 2 Spots. Limited Space in early afternoon on all days.

PIANO: Mr. Gabriel - Monday SOLD OUT, Tuesday 1 Spot, Wednesday SOLD OUT, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday 1 Spot. Mr. Drew - Thursday Space Limited, Friday SOLD OUT, Sunday SOLD OUT. Mr. K.C. - Monday SOLD OUTs, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday 1 Spot. Ms. Farah - Saturday SOLD OUT, Sunday Space Limited.   Mr. Carlos   - Monday & Tuesday Space Limited, Wednesday 2 Spots, Thursday Space Limited, Saturday SOLD OUT. Ms. Gayla - Monday 1 Spot, Tuesday Space Limited, Thursday 3 Spots, Friday - Sunday SOLD OUT. Ms. Adela - Monday 1 Spot, Tuesday SOLD OUT. Mr. Brian - Monday 3 Spots, Tuesday Space Limited, Wednesday 2 Spots, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday & Saturday SOLD OUT.

DRUMS: Mr. Sam - Saturday Space Limited, Sunday SOLD OUT. Mr. Rip - Monday - Friday Space Limited.

GUITAR: Mr. Gabriel - Monday SOLD OUT, Tuesday 1 Spot, Wednesday SOLD OUT, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday 1 Spot. Mr. Wes - Monday & Tuesday Space Limited, Friday SOLD OUT, Saturday 1 Spot, Sunday 1 Spot. Mr. Ben M. - Tuesday Space Limited, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday Space Limited. Mr. Alex - Monday Space Limited, Wednesday 3 Spots, Thursday 3 Spots, Friday Space Limited, Saturday 1 Spot. Mr. Aaron - Monday Space Limited, Wednesday Space Limited, Friday Space Limited, Saturday SOLD OUT.

DANCE: Ms. Tara - Monday: Pirates & Princesses SOLD OUT, Hooping Space Limited. Thursday: Jr. Hip Hop Space Limited, Sr. Hip Hop Space Limited, Ballet/Tap Space Limited.
Ms. Myatta - Tuesday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited, Tap Space Limited. Wednesday: Ballet I Space Limited, Pirates & Princesses Space Limited, Ballet/Tap Space Limited. Ms. Laurel - Thursday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited.
MUSICAL THEATRE: Mr. Jordan - Monday: Jr. Musical Theatre 3 Spots, Sr. Musical Theatre 3 Spots. Wednesday: Jr. Musical Theatre Space Limited, Sr. Musical Theatre Space Limited.

ACTING/DRAMA: Ms. Teneisha - Tuesday: Jr. Actors Space Limited, Sr. Actors Space Limited

ART: Ms. Erlinda - Monday: Jr. Mixed Media Space Limited, Sr. Mixed Media Space Limited. Thursday: Cartooning Space Limited. Ms. Lina - Wednesday: Jr. Mixed Media Space Limited, Sr. Mixed Media Space Limited.

Call today to sign up for lessons. 
Spots are filling fast!

Pirates & Princesses
Tap & Ballet for Ages 3-6

 A fun combination class which introduces ballet and tap skills, while using creative movement techniques in order to develop body awareness, and spatial perceptions. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Students are instructed in proper body placement, alignment, balance and control. Also proper terminology and ballet technique. Tap is the art of creating rhythms and sounds by using precise patterns of foot movement. Tappers develop outstanding coordination, musicality, and rhythm as they progress from basic to more intricate and complex patterns. Dress Code: Any style or color leotard, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, supplied skirt & tiara (girls), supplied shirt & hat (boys), black jazz pants, jazz shoes, tap shoes (boys).

Yash Jain

Instrument(s): Drums, Rock Band
Favorite Color:  Blue, Green
Favorite Food:  Pasta
Hobbies:  Basketball, Chess
How long have you been taking lessons?:  3 years
Who are your favorite bands/artists?:  Maroon 5
What's your favorite song to play?:  Uptown Funk
What's your favorite part about taking lessons at FSM?:  Learning

Mr. Rip, Yash's drum teacher says: Yash always has a smile on his face and is ready to tackle anything I throw at him. Even when I give him some very challenging exercises his positivity shines through.

And thanks Yash for recommending your friends to our school.

Acting/Drama Classes
We have 3 big performance throughout the year!
Call today to be part of our great performing arts classes.

Our Acting/Drama class gives students a taste of what it means to be an actor. Not only do they learn several performance pieces for our 3 BIG Shows, students in this class will leave with a basic understanding of theatre fundamentals including stage directions and blocking, theatre terminology and a brief history of theatre. They will also explore improv, scene study and performance as well as learn how to audition for a play. This class is fun and interactive for students ages 4 - teen.

The Steinway & Sons Annual Piano Sale
Offering an incredible selection and savings on more than 60 New & Used upright and grand pianos!

For 3-days only, September 18th -20th, Steinway & Sons will offer an impressive selection of grand and upright pianos at the best price of the year during the Annual Piano Sale only at Steinway Hall - Plano, including new, pre-owned and factory-restored pianos. In addition to student upright pianos, grand pianos of all sizes and finishes will be available, from baby grands to concert grand pianos.

This special event is by appointment only! For more information or to book book your private appointment, call (972) 403-1853 or visit