Walking and Talking!
by Chris Duncan
Executive Director/Owner FSMPA

OK, OK, OK...everyone keeps asking me more about the Treadmill Work Station in my office! I  just LOVE the "walking and working and talking" station and it is tons of fun. It all began about 7-8 years ago when I saw a small report on TV about someone having a treadmill desk in their office, and I was instantly obsessed with getting one. They even conducted staff meetings with ALL attendees standing (I don't go that far, but great idea, eh?). 

I kept talking about how I just had to have a treadmill work station and by golly...one day I was going to get one. On an impulse one day, I stopped in at a local exercise equipment place, told them I wanted the shortest treadmill possible that could fit in my little office, bought it right then and there, and then Steve (business partner) built me a stand to fit on top of it to hold my computer, etc. Way back then I didn't even have a cell phone, so we (Steve) mounted a phone to the wall next to the treadmill. 

The question I always get from people who see the set up is "how can you type and walk at the same time"? IT IS EASY to type, talk, walk - I just set the treadmill on low walking speed and away we go. Super for productivity and makes the day fly by.

I have never liked sitting at a desk all day, and around here we walk a lot anyway with both buildings and being busy in many studios and classrooms. For a while I moved the station to my home office, but of course I ended up spending more time on campus so we are now back at the school in Studio #22. Stop by and see me anytime!


We moved to Frisco over 7 years ago and are parents of two very active boys, Chase & Jackson.  Like most parents we began reading nutritional labels and became more aware of the nutritional value as well as additives in children's food.  We saw as adults how a healthy change in our diet made us feel both mentally and physically.  We teach our buys to eat healthy, but found that we did not have many options outside of our home for healthy snacks and drinks. With a few years of parenthood under our belt, we decided to start a business we are passionate about and would benefit the families in our community.

We began our journey over 4 years ago looking for a business that gave people the ability to make healthy choices.  We researched franchises on the internet and at trade-shows and discovered a healthy vending concept based out of California.  It just made sense; we try to eat healthy food and snacks 
at home and we should have those options wherever we are in the community.  In January 2014 NTX Healthy, LLC was created with that very goal in mind.  We hoped to serve schools and businesses in Frisco and surroun ding areas.  After purchasing the franchise, we learned just how difficult it is to secure a contract in a Texas Public School or a typical business building.  It took months and months of "sales calls" and follow up appointments after follow up appointments to eventually secure locations for our healthy vending machines. We were fortunate to partner with Frisco School of Performing Arts and other local businesses that agreed a change was needed.  We now provide healthy snack options to the people they employ and/or serve.  NTX Healthy has allowed us to educate our kids and community on making a healthier choice when it comes to food and drinks.

Partnering with locations like the Frisco School of Performing Arts, we are able to provide both adult and children of all ages with a healthy snack or drink while they learn to play an instrument, sing, dance, cartooning or playing in the rock band.  Our oldest son, Chase, has been taking piano lessons for the past 3 years, guitar and now voice lessons.  We have loved watching him perform at the Coffeehouse in the fall followed by his Achievement Graduation at the end of the year. Through his time at Frisco School of Music we have seen him grow as a person and in his abilities with a piano.  He loves to sing when he practices the piano so maybe just maybe, we will have an American Idol on our hands!

by Chad & Julie Daley
NTX Healthy Vending                                     
If you would like to be next month's Business Spotlight, 
email lessons@friscoschoolofmusic.com. We would like to hear from you.

October 5th - October 11th - WOW Showcase - FSMPA Group classes
Parents attend the last 30 minutes of class to view progress and enjoy a brief performance. Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Voice, Art, Dance, Musical Theatre, Acting, Spanish.
October 10th - Makeup Workshops 
If you missed a music lesson sign up for a Makeup Workshop. A fun and exciting way to supplement your missed music lesson. 
October 11th  - Coffee House Registration Deadline (for Nov. 7-8 shows)
October 12th -  Texas State Theory Test Registration Begins
For private and group music students. Students take a written and listening test at their level, earn a medal for score of 90 or more. 
Theory Test held on April 24th, 2016
October 12th - Achievement Graduation Registration Begins 
For private music students. Students perform 5-6 pieces plus technique for a judge to "graduate" from their level of study.  Achievement Graduation held on June 4th & 5th, 2016

November 7-8 - Coffee House Performances
November 20th - Dress Rehearsal for FSPA Variety Show
November 23rd - 29th - NO SCHOOL 
Thanksgiving Holiday

Pre-Registration Prize  WINNER!
Brihath Devaraj

Congratulations Brihath! He was the winner of the Pre-Registration Prize drawing for a pair of Beats by Dre Head Phones.

And thanks Brihath for recommending your friends to our school.

Mixed Media Art
 Ages 4-6 & Ages 7-Teen

Paper Mache, Painting, Charcoal, Mosaics, Watercolors
This class couldn't be more fun!

Work in a variety of techniques with all different types of media such as paint, clay, paper mache, drawing, water colors, mosaics and more! Study famous artists and learn art appreciation as well as art history and art movement.

Three yearly big gallery shows for family and friends. Come experience the fun and excitement of Mixed Media Art!

Monday or Wednesday classes available!
Call today to sign up for Mixed Media Art classes with Ms. Erlinda or Ms. Lina! 
 Spots are filling fast!  

Marcela Gabaldon was awarded her 
5 Year Study Trophy!

Congratulations Marcela! She was awarded a 5 Year Study Trophy for being a student at Frisco School of Music for 5 years. 

And thanks Marcela for recommending your friends to our school.

To Our New Students
If you are a new student and do not see your name on this list, check back next month!
Ariana R.,  Khloe P.,  Tessa G.,  Mia W.,  Ava W.,  Kaidan B.,  Hannah C., 
Paul T.,  Shreya S.,  Shyla S.,  Mallory N.,  Charlie M.,  Ava G.,  Lauren M.
Krisha H.,  Elsy H.,  Inessa H.,  Christien N.,  Vicky N.,  Yanni N.,  Ahmar B.
Jema D.,  Matthew E.,  Adhitya M.,  Camilla S.,  Owen D.,  Leah B.,  Kadence P.
Aahana B.,  Isabella Z.,  Amy L.,  Ysabella S.,  Marquez W.,  Alanis R., 
Aarush B.,  Ezza K.,  Saaez K.,  Aashika H.,  Caroline B.,  CJ R.,  Lauren L.
Landon M.,  Lyla M.,  Abigail A.,  Ryan B.,  Elena S.,  Maite F.,  Valli G.,  Aditya S.
Anjali A.,  Arjun A.,  Marlie V.,  Lexi Hi.,  Kendall K.,  Kareena D.,  Isla P.,  Lucas W.,  Valentina Q.,  Ramon C.
Ngutjiua S.,  Kirthan K.,  Abbie I.,  Omar Z.,  Sophia Z.,  Khent T.,  Geetan M.,  Shrika A.,  Ana Sofia K.,  Joshua T.
Jayden T.,  Taran K.,  Pranav K.,  Raghav S.,  Lutu B.,  Stella B.,  Rakshitha N.,  Asher D.,  Shriva B.,  Blair E., 
Vicky Z.,  Jasmine Z.,  Taylor K.,  Sydney S.,  Ashrita N.,  Victoria L.,  Noah R.,  Jonathan L.,  William J.,  Jonathan Y.
Taarini S.,  Kenneth D.,  Fela O.,  Nya P.,  Ritu R.,  Janai K.,  Rishab B.,  Anusha C.,  Sahasra C.,  Isaac L., 
Chaya P.,  Jacob F.,  Nevaeh H.,  Weslie T.,  Ana R.,  William H.,  Alisha G.,  Habel M.,  Bryanna O.,  Bryan O.
Aditya N.,  Sara R.,  Luke B.,  Kennedy S.,  Leah M.,  Michael M., Avantika S., Sachi J., Lindsey A., Camila M., Gavrie R., Alexus L., Roger R., Pranav J., Aadi J., Advait L.

Coffee House Registration 
Ends 5pm October 11, 2015
Registration forms are in the lobby in front of the bulletin boards and online at www.FriscoSchoolofMusic.com.

Coffee House Show 
November 7 & 8, 2015

This is an opportunity for private music lesson students of all ages and levels to perform a memorized solo in front of an audience.

Completed registration forms must be turned into the front desk no later than 5pm Sunday October 11, 2015 to participate. Specific performance times are assigned after registration deadline. Performance times are non-reschedulable. If you have a specific time request please indicate that on your registration form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
This event is included in your yearly membership! No additional concert fees required.


Victoria Pastorelli

Instrument(s): Piano, Rock Band
Favorite Color:  Red
Favorite Food:  Taco Bell
Hobbies:  Art, Reading, Rock Band, Video Games, Running
How long have you been taking lessons?:  2.5 years
Who are your favorite bands/artists?:  Naked Eyes, Aerosmith, Cold Play, Katie Perry, Meghan Trainer
What's your favorite song to play?:  Minuet by JS Bach
What's your favorite part about taking lessons at FSM?:  All the fun and cool things about taking lessons are that I get to learn a new instrument and get to enjoy it at the same time.

Ms. Gayla, Victoria's piano teacher says: I enjoy having Victoria as a student because she prepares for her lessons and is always totally engaged and full of life!

And thanks Victoria for recommending your friends to our school.

 Ages 7-10

Not only is hooping a fun way to exercise, But it also challenges the mind and body while exploring physics with an inanimate object. The philosophy in hooping is similar to that practiced in martial arts, namely the act of being present. One must be aware and let go simultaneously. Hooping is not competitive but about community, sharing knowledge, tricks and experience.

In this class, all students are included into each class experience. Students progress at their own rate: no one is left behind. It's about the individual's flow, focus, style, concentration and experience. The more diversity there is, the better the class.

Each student has a practice hoop for class and at home practice. Three yearly big performances for family and friends. Come experience the fun and excitement of Hooping!

Call today to sign up for Hooping lessons with Ms. Tara! Spots are filling fast!  

Aaron Whitman
Guitar - Bass - Clarinet - Saxophone

Bachelor of Music, Jazz Studies/Performance 
  in progress
   University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington TX
Associate of Arts Degree in Music
   Collin College, Plano TX

Teaching & Musical Experience Includes:
Frisco School of Music 2015
  All ages and levels
Guitar, Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano
Private and Group Teaching
  All Ages and Levels
Solo, Combo and Band Performances across the country
Performed with Sir Earl Toon (Kool & The Gang), Erykah Badu, 
Tom "Bones" Malone (SNL Band), Wayne Bergeron, 
Kim Richmond, Clay Jenkins and many other Jazz greats.

Call today to sign up for your lesson with Mr. Aaron! Spots are filling fast!
Saturday with Mr. Aaron SOLD OUT
Monday, Wednesday & Friday Lessons Limited Availability

Teacher Availability
Many teachers have sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact the Music Desk.
If you are not a student yet there are still limited lesson spots available.

VOICE/PIANOMs. Kayla - Tuesday 1 Spot, Thursday Space Limited, Saturday & Sunday 2 Spots. Ms. Shirley - Monday - Wednesday SOLD OUT. Ms. Evelyn - Monday Space Limited, Tuesday & Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday & Friday 1 Spot. Ms. Avery - Wednesday 2 Spots, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday 1 Spot,  Saturday SOLD OUT. Mr. Jordan - Monday - Friday Early Afternoon Available ONLY. Ms. Sarah - Tuesday Space Limited, Saturday 1 Spot, Sunday Space Limited.
STRINGS: Mr. Nicholas - Thursday 1 Spot, Saturday & Sunday SOLD OUT. Ms. Rachel - Monday -Wednesday Space Limited, Friday Space Limited. Limited Space in early afternoon on all days.

PIANO: Mr. Gabriel - Monday - Wednesday SOLD OUT, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday SOLD OUT. Mr. Drew - Thursday Space Limited, Friday 2 Spots, Sunday SOLD OUT. Mr. K.C. - Monday 2 Spots, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday 1 Spot. Ms. Farah - Saturday SOLD OUT, Sunday 2 Spots.   Mr. Carlos   - Monday - Thursday Space Limited, Saturday SOLD OUT. Ms. Gayla - Monday 1 Spot, Tuesday Space Limited, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday SOLD OUT, Sunday 1 Spot. Ms. Adela - SOLD OUT. Mr. Brian - Monday Space Limited, Tuesday 3 Spots, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday 2 Spots, Friday SOLD OUT, Saturday 1 Spot.

DRUMS: Mr. Sam - Saturday Space Limited, Sunday SOLD OUT. Mr. Rip - Monday - Friday Space Limited.

GUITAR: Mr. Gabriel - Monday - Wednesday SOLD OUT, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday SOLD OUT. Mr. Wes - Monday & Tuesday Space Limited, Friday & Saturday SOLD OUT, Sunday 1 Spot. Mr. Ben M. - Tuesday Space Limited, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday Space Limited. Mr. Alex - Monday Space Limited, Wednesday 2 Spots, Thursday 2 Spots, Friday Space Limited, Saturday 1 Spot. Mr. Aaron - Monday Space Limited, Wednesday Space Limited, Friday Space Limited, Saturday 1 Spot.

DANCE: Ms. Tara - Monday: Pirates & Princesses SOLD OUT, Hooping Space Limited. Thursday: Jr. Hip Hop Space Limited, Sr. Hip Hop Space Limited, Ballet/Tap Space Limited.
Ms. Myatta - Tuesday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited, Tap Space Limited. Wednesday: Ballet I Space Limited, Pirates & Princesses Space Limited, Ballet/Tap Space Limited. Ms. Laurel - Thursday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited.
MUSICAL THEATRE: Mr. Jordan - Monday: Jr. Musical Theatre 3 Spots, Sr. Musical Theatre SOLD OUT. Wednesday: Jr. Musical Theatre Space Limited, Sr. Musical Theatre Space Limited.

ACTING/DRAMA: Ms. Teneisha - Tuesday: Jr. Actors Space Limited, Sr. Actors Space Limited

ART: Ms. Erlinda - Monday: Jr. Mixed Media Space Limited, Sr. Mixed Media Space Limited. Thursday: Cartooning Space Limited. Ms. Lina - Wednesday: Jr. Mixed Media Space Limited, Sr. Mixed Media Space Limited.

Call today to sign up for lessons. 
Spots are filling fast!

Pirates & Princesses
Tap & Ballet for Ages 3-6

 A fun combination class which introduces ballet and tap skills, while using creative movement techniques in order to develop body awareness, and spatial perceptions. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Students are instructed in proper body placement, alignment, balance and control. Also proper terminology and ballet technique. Tap is the art of creating rhythms and sounds by using precise patterns of foot movement. Tappers develop outstanding coordination, musicality, and rhythm as they progress from basic to more intricate and complex patterns. Dress Code: Any style or color leotard, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, supplied skirt & tiara (girls), supplied shirt & hat (boys), black jazz pants, jazz shoes, tap shoes (boys).

$25 Gift Card for You!
Helping us grow

Did you know? Most of our new students come from referrals by our current students and families,
Refer your friends and neighbors to our school. For each friend who enrolls and mentions your name, you will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card to spend any where you want. We appreciate you recommending our schools as we continue to grow!
Call our office for more information. 214-436-4058

Acting/Drama Classes
We have 3 big performance throughout the year!
Call today to be part of our great performing arts classes.

Our Acting/Drama class gives students a taste of what it means to be an actor. Not only do they learn several performance pieces for our 3 BIG Shows, students in this class will leave with a basic understanding of theatre fundamentals including stage directions and blocking, theatre terminology and a brief history of theatre. They will also explore improv, scene study and performance as well as learn how to audition for a play. This class is fun and interactive for students ages 4 - teen.