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To Our New Students!!!

If you are a new student and do not see your name on this list, check back next month!

Ashley P.

Meghana A.

Abbie S.

Noah P.

Keith K.

Logan M.

Sidney S.

Kaiden M.

Marc M.

Megan M.

Saniya A.

Kyndall K.

Kyndall D.

Lilah C.

Elan B.

Sarah I.

Daniel I.

Mathew I.

Tristan L.

Morgan C.

Katrina P.

Zoey A.

Dillan M.

Shreya S.

Shyla S.

Bailey W.

Najah H.

Imani H.

Brittan G.

Cheryl T.

Hannah P.

Hope G.

Faith G.

Anndrenise R.

Paige D.

Rachel D.

Claire D.

Siri Mayuri K.

Nicholas N.

Katelyn C.

Ron B.

Leila B.

Sharanya D.

Audrey F.

Samina K.

Diana S.

Alexis W.

Abhiraaj S.

Viraaj S.

Prajna C.

Lakshmi C.

Bryce W.

Miranda H.

Peityn R.

Shreya S.

Emroy G.

Kynian D

Leah B.

Kate B.

Zach B.

Kennedy B.

John B.

Gia T.

Anton A.

Hannah L.

Karina F.

Sianna M.

Lailah K.

Ali W.

Ryan G.

Jessie C.

Amrutha A.

Aalia M.

Aaryan T.

Anahita T.

Eliza A.

Hannah W.

Carter S.




Tuesday - Thursday

Ages 3 - 6





Teacher Availability


To inquire about openings, e-mail us or call the front office at 214-436-4058.


Mon-Thurs thru 9pm

Fridays thru 7pm

Saturdays thru 1pm

Sundays 2-5pm



Here’s a partial list of our current availability:



Ms. Katya

Tuesday – Wednesday

Limited Space


Ms. Joanna

Friday – 1 Spot

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Lizzy

Tuesday – 2 Spots

Thursday - 1 Spot

Sunday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Kayla

Monday - 1 Spot


Ms. Shirley

Monday - 1 Spot

Tuesday - SOLD OUT

Wednesday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Avery

Thursday – 2 Spots

Friday – 2 Spots

Saturday – 1 Spot


Mr. Jordan

Monday – SOLD OUT

Tuesday - SOLD OUT

Wednesday - SOLD OUT

Thursday - 1 Spot

Friday – SOLD OUT



Ms. Alexis

Monday - SOLD OUT

Tuesday - Limited Space

Wednesday - 1 Spot


Ms. Sabrina

Thursday Limited Space

Friday - 1 Spot

Saturday - SOLD OUT

Sunday - 1 Spot



Ms. Katya

Tuesday – Wednesday

Limited Space


Mr. Gabriel

Monday – Friday SOLD OUT


Ms. Joanna

Friday – 1 Spot

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Mr. Drew

Friday - 3 Spots

Saturday - SOLD OUT

Sunday -1 Spot


Ms. Lizzy

Tuesday – 2 Spots

Thursday - 1 Spot

Sunday - SOLD OUT


Mr. K.C.

Tuesday - Limited Space

Thursday - Limited Space

Friday - 1 Spot


Ms. Kayla

Monday - 1 Spot


Ms. Gayla

Monday - 3 Spots

Tuesday - 3 Spots

Thursday - SOLD OUT

Friday - 2 Spots

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Adela

Monday – 1 Spot

Tuesday - SOLD OUT

Wednesday – 2 Spots

Thursday - 2 Spots


Ms. Shirley

Monday - 1 Spot

Tuesday - SOLD OUT

Wednesday - SOLD OUT


Mr. Brian

Monday - 3 Spots

Tuesday - 1 Spot

Wednesday - 1 Spot

Thursday - 2 Spots

Friday - SOLD OUT

Saturday- SOLD OUT


Mr. Jamie

Monday - Limited Space

Tuesday - 2 Spots

Wednesday - 2 Spots


Ms. Avery

Thursday – 2 Spots

Friday – 2 Spots

Saturday – 1 Spot


Mr. Dominik

Wednesday - Thursday

Limited Space

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Mr. Jordan

Monday – SOLD OUT

Tuesday - SOLD OUT

Wednesday - SOLD OUT

Thursday - 1 Spot

Friday – SOLD OUT



Mr. Alex

Friday - 1 Spot

Saturday - SOLD OUT

Sunday – SOLD OUT


Mr. Rip

Monday - Thursday

Limited Space


Mr. Gabriel

Monday – Friday



Mr. Wes

Friday & Saturday - SOLD OUT Sunday - 2 Spots


Mr. Lane

Monday & Wednesday

Limited Space


Mr. Ben G.

Tuesday- Limited Space

Saturday - 1 Spot


Mr. Ben M.

Wednesday - Limited Space


Mr. Alex

Monday - 1 Spot

Wednesday Limited Space

Friday - 1 Spot

 Saturday - SOLD OUT

Sunday – SOLD OUT


Mr. CJ

Monday - Thursday

Limited Space












February 2nd

Coffehouse Registration Begins

Private students register for this

March 28-29 performance. 

FREE - Included in FSM Membership.

Registration Deadline March 1.


Saturday February 7th

Songwriters Workshops

1:30pm - 3:30pm

FREE - Included in FSM Membership

Registration required




March 9th - 15th

Spring Break - NO SCHOOL


March 16th

Teacher Of The Year

Student Nominations Begin


Saturday March 21st

Master Class Make-Up Workshop


March 23rd - 29th

Music Mania Week


March 28th - 29th

Coffee House Performances



Thank you Daniela D. • Little Elm


for your wonderful comments

about our school.


Read her comments below:


Music is an all encompassing commitment.  Not only in the relationship between the student and their instrument, instructor to their student , yet most importantly in the responsibility of a parent and the commitment they knowingly and willfully signed their name to. Music is much more than rooting from the sideline and not worrying ever about missing a practice or game.  

It's not the team that suffers, it's your child.

Being a single mom I make sacrifices to have my child attend each and every one of her music lessons. Should there come a time that I needed to move my child to better fit her lesson into our demanding schedule, FSM has been beyond accommodating. Whenever I needed to review my child's progress, receive any opinion or guidance, my questions were immediately answered and in the most timely professional manner not only to my satisfaction, but most importantly to my child's satisfaction.

I understand the simple agreement I signed, and more so understand the struggles the instructors endure doing and teaching what they love... music.  I have spent more than twenty years in the music business, so I know the struggles and ultimately those struggles early on made me the balanced and appreciative parent I am today   I only wish this on my child and I see it ever so graciously after every music lesson.

What I love about FSM is simple.  It's in the all inclusive incentives afforded to each student beyond the instruction.   The yearly membership not only includes the freedom to schedule a simple half hour or forty five minute session, but much more.  Books, strings, tuners, metronomes, foot stools, use of power amps, rosin, shoulder rests, lets just say that supplies are in abundance for any instrument.  Missed lessons are easy to reschedule, and it is understood that one day is conveniently reserved for any make up sessions.  

Activities, awards, and performances are regularly scheduled  

and the ability to test for the Texas State Theory test is most intriguing.  I didn't have to lengthen my search for the right school, so thank you FSM.  No other music school provides as

much and I believe that in time, more incentives will be

afforded to any student at FSM.  

So thank you FSM.  You can't make everyone happy unless you understand your own commitment to happiness.


Daniela participated in our survey to help better our customer service and was entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Card.

Check your email & texts today to see if you received this invite to take the survey. Complete the survey and you are entered into the drawing for a $100 Gift Card. Drawing every month of 2015.





February Student of the Month

Shreeya Govande



Instrument: Piano

  Favorite Color: Purple, Blue, & Teal

  Favorite Food: Anything at Olive Garden

  Hobbies: Playing Piano, Tae Kwon Do

  How many Years in Lessons: 1.5 Years

  Favorite Bands: Mozart & William Gillock

Favorite Song to Play: Sarabande by

William Gillock

Favorite thing about lessons at FSM:

The teachers, people at front desk are awesome and there are lots of performing opportunities.







Hi! I'm Tyson. I am a 6 month old Border Collie/Jack Russell mix. I keep my mom Cassie really busy at home when she is not working at the Frisco School of Music. I really love to try and sing along with her at home but I don't think she appreciates my harmonies.


Do you have a pet that you’d like to submit for a future newsletter?  Send a picture of yourself and your pet, along with a description of how they teach you about music, to lessons@friscoschoolofmusic.com. 


YOU could be featured in an upcoming newsletter!





Our Practice Club Card Winner

Kristine Ahmadi



Kristine practiced, turned in her practice club cards, and her name was drawn to win a $35 Gift Card to Best Buy!

Keep Practicing -

You Could Be The Next Winner!!



10 Ways Singing Can

Change Your Life!

by Beth Lawrence


If you love to sing, then you're already aware that singing is fun, energizing and a great stress reducer. But if you're one of millions who claim “I can't sing!” then I suggest that you consider singing as an absolutely free, non-prescription, safe and effective life-enhancing tool. If you're facing physical, emotional or mental challenges, or if you just want more peace and happiness, here are 10 ways singing can change your life!


1. Builds self-confidence!
Speaking in public is still the #1 fear for Americans.  Singing ranks right up there for most of us. Singing is a risk-taking behavior because you're putting yourself out there in a very exposed way.  It dredges up all our insecurities and self-imposed limitations.  When you dare to share your voice and music, a fantastic thing happens. It's like walking through fire. You overcome your fear, and emerge with an incredible sense of accomplishment.  You did it!  Your self-esteem soars and you feel that you can do anything!  Singing builds self-confidence in a BIG way!


2. Boosts creativity!
As you build your self-esteem and stimulate your artistic soul, you'll find that all areas of your life are positively affected by the act of singing.  Suddenly you've opened the floodgates of your creative soul, and you begin thinking outside the box!  Your productivity soars!  By tapping into your creative reservoir you become more alive and innovative!  Singing boosts creativity!


3. Enhances memory!
Singing involves memorization as you learn new melodies, lyrics and complex musical forms.  It's a great way to stimulate the areas of the brain involved with memory, learning and concentration.  Use it, or lose it!  Singing is a great way to enhance your memory!


4. Makes you feel fantastic!
Singing makes you feel sell-assured, in control, physically alive and fantastically creative.  It feeds your soul as it creates physical well-being.  With increased self-confidence you can do anything!  Physical, mental and emotional health is a great side effect of singing.  There's no doubt about it, singing makes you feel fantastic!


5. Promotes deep breathing!
As you begin to use ‘full body breathing' with a relaxed, soft belly, you allow the diaphragm to drop down, giving the lungs the freedom to expand more fully.  Relaxed abdominals are essential for proper breath support while singing.  I like to think of ‘filling up like a balloon' when I sing. This gives firm, active breath support and allows for deep, full breathing.  Singing promotes, slow, deep, healthy breathing.


6. Releases ‘feel good' endorphins!
All this physical, neurological and emotional activity serves to release those ‘feel-good' hormones called endorphins.  So not only is your audience benefiting from your lovely voice, but you are being flooded with happy hormones that give you a sense of peace and well-being.  Singing feels fantastic because it releases ‘feel good' endorphins!


7. Oxygenates the blood!
As you use full body breathing, you are bringing in a greater volume of air.  Oxygen floods the blood system, bathing the cells in life-giving oxygen.  You will feel more alive as you breath deeply and fill yourself with energizing, oxygenated air!  Singing oxygenates the blood!


8. Stimulates brain activity!
Singing requires thought.  You are memorizing lyrics, melodies and rhythms, as well as connecting words with emotion.  Your ‘singer's breathing' technique is bringing more oxygen to the brain.  Your brain's neurons are firing furiously as you are integrating the physical, emotional and psychological functions necessary to joyful singing!  Singing stimulates brain activity!


9. Reduces stress!
When you feel good, your stress level goes down.  Endorphins help diminish stress and agitation.  By using deep, full body breathing you slow the heart rate and take your mind off of unwanted anxiety. The next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a full body breath, and break out singing! Your stress will fly away as you reap the benefit of joyful singing!

10. Creates a powerful speaking voice!
If you're a speaker, presenter, teacher, clergy or in any sales related business (aren't we all??), you will benefit from learning to sing. Your voice is your instrument, no matter what you do in life, and singing gives you the skills to speak in a natural, powerful, confident voice.  Everyone benefits from proper singing technique.  You'll discover your ‘true' voice that will reveal your confident, authentic self.  Finding your voice is a joy.  Singing creates a powerful speaking voice!


At the Frisco School of Music we offer voice lessons for ages 6 to Adult!


Meanwhile at FSM...




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