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73 things you need to know before taking music lessons!

Find Out About:
*  Choosing Instruments
*  Benefits of Learning to Play
*  Practicing Tips & Strategies
*  Is Performing For You
*  Finding Your Place in Music

Insider Information on Music Lessons, Practice, 
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FSPA Variety Show 
FSM Make up Workshops
DECEMBER 7th - 13th - 
WOW Showcase & Rock Band Jam
DECEMBER 21st - January 3rd - 
Winter Break

JANUARY 4th - WELCOME BACK - Lessons resume
JANUARY 16th - Band Blowout
JANUARY 18th - 24th - Private Music Lesson Parent Teacher Conferences
JANUARY 23rd - Music Lesson Makeup Workshops

Mixed Media Art
 Ages 4-6 & Ages 7-Teen

Paper Mache, Painting, Charcoal, Mosaics, Watercolors
This class couldn't be more fun!

Work in a variety of techniques with all different types of media such as paint, clay, paper mache, drawing, water colors, mosaics and more! Study famous artists and learn art appreciation as well as art history and art movement.

Three yearly big gallery shows for family and friends. Come experience the fun and excitement of Mixed Media Art!

Monday or Wednesday classes available!
Call today to sign up for Mixed Media Art classes with Ms. Erlinda or Ms. Lina! 
 Spots are filling fast!  

Business Spotlight

Anyone who knows Valli Rose Greear (age 4) knows that she never sits still; her parents are the same way!
We lived on an 80 acre organic family farm for 3 years, but a family meeting prompted us to move back to our home state of Texas.  Brent is a disabled Army veteran and Missi is an administrator and teacher for a dialysis company.  Upon moving back home, we decided that we needed to get back to the family business model.  Creating a company is a labor of love.  We chose to create a company that would afford opportunity for ourselves and others; a business that requires hard work with flexible time to make the most of work/life balance.

Veteran's Landscape and Lawn Care, LLC was born a year and a half ago and has grown steadily.  We support two crews and operate from 4855 North Custer Road in Prosper, Texas.  We service all landscaping and maintenance needs (residential and commercial) for Prosper, Frisco, Mckinney, Little Elm, the 380 Corridor, and Denton.  During the off season we supply firewood, prepare yards for dormancy, and hang Christmas Lights. Perhaps our greatest pride is that we are able to give 10% of our profits monthly to the Wounded Warriors Project.

With all of this work/life alignment taking place, Valli Rose needed to find a place where her unique personality would flourish.  This led us to The Musical Arts Schoolhouse.  Here she is developing at a pace appropriate for her with an atmosphere that fulfills her quirks and lively spirit. We only wish that every child had the opportunity to experience this school!

If you would like to be next month's Business Spotlight, 
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To Our New Students
If you are a new student and do not see your name on this list, check back next month!
Kylie D., Conrad K., Erica K., Nainika V., Jhanvi M., Carson F., Adhitya M., Varum H., Manan S., Manvi S., Charlie P., Olivia L., Kaiyah M., Caden C., Bella C., Christian M., Olivia K., Neel M., Dilan M., Isabella F., Kaitlyn S., Jacob S., Gavin S., Landon S., Carter S., Vedika C., Trisha P., Sadhana W., John S., Thomas C., Marianette L.,  Anthony N., Logan P., Mahir S., 
Numa S., Westley M.

Henry Arnold

Instrument(s): Piano
Favorite Color:  Brown, Lavender, Green
Favorite Food:  Asparagus
Hobbies:  Piano, Science
How long have you been taking lessons?:  3.5 years
Who are your favorite bands/artists?:  Mozart
What's your favorite song to play?:  Auld Lang Syne, Ice Skaters Waltz
What's your favorite part about taking lessons at FSM?:   Learning a lot.

Teacher Shoutout: Ms. Shirley, Henry's piano teacher says:  
Kudos to Henry Arnold! Henry has an absolutly amazing ability to play the piano. He is so quick at learning to play the piano. He is wonderful in rhythm, memorization, my goodness, what else can I say. I am so glad to have him as my student.

Parent Shout Out: As Henry's parents we are overjoyed with his amazing progress at the Frisco School of Music!  The School has welcomed us into a community, where students are encouraged to pursue a personal path of growth, allowing them to develop music appreciation and enjoyment that complements skill acquisition and technique.  We are so glad that at FSM all the facets of music eduction are taken into consideration. The School is unique in its wide spectrum of opportunities for artistic development, including participation in the fantastic Coffee House performances, professionally organized by a dedicated team of staff and teachers, who shower their encouragement and support on every student.  We are so grateful for our piano and voice teacher Ms. Shirley, a true artist and expert in music pedagogy.  Her broad insight into growing a musician has helped to unlock Henry's potential. Every session with Ms. Shirley is a new discovery, an open exploration of the music we all enjoy, and an enriching lesson to inspire Henry for the remainder of the week!  We have appreciated all the excellent support from the whole team at Frisco School of Music and look forward to many more years of our son's continued music journey!

And thanks Henry for recommending your friends to our school.

Drum Lessons at FSM

Ages 6 - Adult
We offer private and group lessons 7 days a week!

We have a large drum studio with two drum sets allowing the teacher and the student to play at the same time, watching and mimicking the instructor making learning drums faster and easier. Learn a variety of popular styles of music like rock, pop, funk, metal, alternative and many more. Learning to play favorite songs. Students also learn proper technique, snare drum rudiments, note reading, coordination, independence, song form and structure. Ensuring a balanced and fulfilling experience learning drums.

Our group lessons are geared towards students with little or no prior drumming experience through year-one players. Students to progress at their own pace so you can join at any time during the year.  The teacher covers basics such as: holding sticks and striking a drum properly, basic coordination drills, easy rhythms, and playing as a group. Drums at home are not required; however a practice pad for home practice is helpful. Those with prior experience will be given more challenging rhythms and playing techniques. Every class features new rhythms and exercises and drills. The class teaches students to play with confidence, in a group or as a soloist, and most of all the goal is to truly enjoy drumming, and learn about notation and rudiment patterns.

Call today to sign up for your lesson with 
Spots are filling fast!
Limited Availability Monday - Saturday

Teacher Availability
Many teachers have sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact the Music Desk.
If you are not a student yet there are still limited lesson spots available.

VOICE/PIANOMs. Kayla - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday 3 Spots, Thursday 3 Spots, Saturday 1 Spot.  Ms. Shirley - SOLD OUT Ms. Evelyn - SOLD OUT except for Monday 3 Spots, Tuesday - Thursday 1 Spot. Ms. Avery - SOLD OUT except for Wednesday Space Limited, Thursday 1 Spot, Friday 1 Spot. Mr. Jordan - SOLD OUT except for Monday - Friday Early Afternoon Available ONLY. 
Ms. Sarah - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday Space Limited.
STRINGS: Mr. Nicholas - SOLD OUT except for Thursday 1 Spot. Ms. Rachel - SOLD OUT except for Monday - Wednesday Space Limited, Friday Space limited, early afternoon on all days. Ms. Adriana - SOLD OUT except for Sunday Space Limited .

PIANO:  Mr. Gabriel - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday 1 Spot. Mr. Drew - SOLD OUT except for Thursday Space Limited, Friday 1 Spot.  Mr. K.C. - Monday 2 Spots, Wednesday 2 Spots, Thursday 1 Spot. Mr. Carlos - SOLD OUT except for Monday - Thursday Space Limited.
Ms. Gayla - SOLD OUT except for Thursday 1 Spot, Friday 1 Spot. Ms. Adela - SOLD OUT except for Monday 2 Spots. Mr. Brian - SOLD OUT except for Monday 1 Spot, Tuesday 2 Spots, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday 1 Spot.

DRUMS: Mr. Sam - SOLD OUT except for Saturday 1 Spot. Mr. Rip - Monday - Friday Space Limited.

GUITAR: Mr. Gabriel - SOLD OUT except for Tuesday 1 Spot. Mr. Wes - SOLD OUT except for Monday Space Limited, Tuesday 2 Spots, Sunday 1 Spot. Mr. Ben - Tuesday Space Limited, Wednesday 1 Spot, Thursday Space Limited. Mr. Alex - Monday 1 Spot, Wednesday Space Limited, Friday 2 Spots. Mr. Aaron - SOLD OUT except for Monday Space Limited, Wednesday Space Limited, Friday Space Limited.

DANCE: Ms. Tara - Monday: Pirates & Princesses 2 Spots, Hooping Space Limited. Thursday: Jr. Hip Hop Space Limited, Sr. Hip Hop 3 Spots, Ballet/Tap Space Limited.
Ms. Myatta - Tuesday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited, Tap Space Limited. Wednesday: Ballet I Space Limited, Pirates & Princesses SOLD OUT, Ballet/Tap Space Limited. Ms. Laurel - Thursday: Pirates & Princesses Space Limited.
MUSICAL THEATRE: Mr. Jordan - Monday: Jr. Musical Theatre 2 Spots, Sr. Musical Theatre SOLD OUT. Wednesday: Jr. Musical Theatre Space Limited, Sr. Musical Theatre Space Limited.

ACTING/DRAMA: Ms. Alissia - Tuesday: Jr. Actors Space Limited, Sr. Actors Space Limited

ART: Ms. Erlinda - Monday: Jr. Mixed Media Space Limited, Sr. Mixed Media Space Limited. Thursday: Cartooning Space Limited. Ms. Lina - Wednesday: Jr. Mixed Media SOLD OUT, Sr. Mixed Media SOLD OUT.

Call today to sign up for lessons. 
Spots are filling fast!

Pirates & Princesses
Tap & Ballet for Ages 3-6

 A fun combination class which introduces ballet and tap skills, while using creative movement techniques in order to develop body awareness, and spatial perceptions. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Students are instructed in proper body placement, alignment, balance and control. Also proper terminology and ballet technique. Tap is the art of creating rhythms and sounds by using precise patterns of foot movement. Tappers develop outstanding coordination, musicality, and rhythm as they progress from basic to more intricate and complex patterns. Dress Code: Any style or color leotard, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, supplied skirt & tiara (girls), supplied shirt & hat (boys), black jazz pants, jazz shoes, tap shoes (boys).

$25 Gift Card for You!
Helping us grow

Did you know? Most of our new students come from referrals by our current students and families,
Refer your friends and neighbors to our school. For each friend who enrolls and mentions your name, you will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card to spend any where you want. We appreciate you recommending our schools as we continue to grow!
Call our office for more information. 214-436-4058

Acting/Drama Classes
We have 3 big performance throughout the year!
Call today to be part of our great performing arts classes.

Our Acting/Drama class gives students a taste of what it means to be an actor. Not only do they learn several performance pieces for our 3 BIG Shows, students in this class will leave with a basic understanding of theatre fundamentals including stage directions and blocking, theatre terminology and a brief history of theatre. They will also explore improv, scene study and performance as well as learn how to audition for a play. This class is fun and interactive for students ages 4 - teen.