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To Our New Students!!!

If you are a new student and do not see your name on this list, check back next month!

Udit H.

Alexandria F.

Ravijeet T.

Abbie S.

Ben H.

Peyton B.

Madison H.

Ethan M.

Carter W.

Michael T.

Nathan A.

Sarah P.

Jude P.

Everley F.


Summer F.

Tianah A.

Trinity A.

Maddie F.

Audrey F.

Ryan C.

Shreemanth V.

Kate E.

Anna K.

Blakely S.

Aurora W.

Andrew P.

Devin H.

Elena H.

Hank R.

Natali H.

Asa L.

Bailey P.

Mandy P.

Jett J.

Taylor G.

Sriya V.

Megan H.

Shiloh A.

Annette Rose B.

Callum R.

Shreesha H.

Sandra M.

Codie C.

Jaeden L.

Keile Ann W.

Elyse B.

Avery B.

Evelyn S.





Tuesday - Thursday

Ages 3 - 6





Teacher Availability


To inquire about openings, e-mail us or call the front office at 214-436-4058.


Mon-Thurs thru 9pm

Fridays thru 7pm

Saturdays thru 1pm

Sundays 2-5pm



Here’s a partial list of our current availability:



Ms. Katya

Tuesday – Wednesday

Limited Space


Ms. Joanna

Friday – 2 Spots

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Lizzy

Tuesday – SOLD OUT

Thursday - 2 Spots

Sunday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Kayla

Monday - Limited Space


Ms. Shirley

Monday - Wednesday



Ms. Avery

Thursday – 2 Spots

Friday – SOLD OUT

Saturday – 1 Spot


Mr. Jordan

Monday – Friday SOLD OUT



Ms. Alexis

Monday - SOLD OUT

Tuesday - Limited Space

Wednesday - 2 Spots


Ms. Sabrina

Thursday 1 Spot

Friday - 1 Spot

Saturday - Sunday




Ms. Katya

Tuesday – Wednesday

Limited Space


Mr. Gabriel

Monday – Friday SOLD OUT


Ms. Joanna

Friday – 2 Spots

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Mr. Drew

Friday - 3 Spots

Saturday - 2 Spots

Sunday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Lizzy

Tuesday – SOLD OUT

Thursday -  2 Spots

Sunday - SOLD OUT


Mr. K.C.

Tuesday - 3 Spots

Thursday - 3 Spots

Friday - SOLD OUT


Ms. Kayla

Monday - Limited Space


Ms. Gayla

Monday - 1 Spot

Tuesday - SOLD OUT

Thursday - 1 Spot

Friday - Sunday



Ms. Adela

Monday – Wednesday


Thursday - 2 Spots


Ms. Shirley

Monday - Wednesday



Mr. Brian

Monday - Limited Space

Tuesday - 1 Spot

Wednesday - 2 Spots

Thursday - 2 Spots

Friday - SOLD OUT

Saturday- SOLD OUT


Mr. Jamie

Monday - Limited Space

Tuesday - 1 Spot

Wednesday - 2 Spots


Ms. Avery

Thursday – 2 Spots

Friday – 1 Spot

Saturday – 1 Spot


Mr. Dominik

Wednesday & Thursday

Limited Space

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Mr. Jordan

Monday – Friday SOLD OUT



Mr. Alex

Friday - 1 Spot

Saturday - SOLD OUT

Sunday – 2 Spots


Mr. Rip

Monday - Thursday

Limited Space


Mr. Gabriel

Monday – Friday



Mr. Wes

Friday & Saturday - SOLD OUT Sunday - 3 Spots


Mr. Lane

Monday & Wednesday

Limited Space


Mr. Ben G.

Tuesday- 2 Spots

Saturday - SOLD OUT


Mr. Ben M.

Wednesday - Limited Space


Mr. Alex

Monday - 1 Spot

Wednesday Limited Space

Friday - 1 Spot

 Saturday - SOLD OUT

Sunday – 2 Spots


Mr. CJ

Monday - Thursday

Limited Space



Coffee House Pictures













April 20th - 24th

Frisco School of Performing Arts


Dance - Art - Drama - Musical Theatre

Visit the last half hour of your

childs class for a sneak peak at what they are working on for their May performance or Art Gallery Show!


April 13th

Fall Pre-Registration Begins for Current Students


April 26th

FSM Texas Theory Test



Keep Voting For Teacher of the Year! Deadline April 12!






April Student of the Month

Deja Smith



Instrument: Voice, Piano & Rock Band

  Favorite Color: Blue

  Favorite Food: Pizza

  Hobbies: Music & Soccer

  How many Years in Lessons: 4 Years

  Favorite Bands: Ed Sheeran, Lewis Watson & All Time Low

Favorite Song to Play: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

Favorite thing about lessons at FSM:

Being able to improve at what you're doing and expanding your comfort zone.









This is Sonia and Ian Vishinsky with their dog Rex.

Rex is an Alaskan Malamute, a breed that is very close

to a wolf.  By his nature Rex doesn’t bark a lot like other dogs do, he howls like a wolf.  His howling is very nice and can be treated as singing. This is due to an amount of expression he puts in and the quality of his voice.

We are inspired by Rex and very often we sing with him together.  Then his howling gets even better and everybody has a lot of fun.


Do you have a pet that you’d like to submit for a future newsletter?  Send a picture of yourself and your pet, along with a description of how they teach you about music, to lessons@friscoschoolofmusic.com. 


YOU could be featured in an upcoming newsletter!



Thank you Thendral S.


for your wonderful comments

about our school.


Read comments below:


Impressed with the study materials, coffee house program, opportunities for theory and yearly achievement test.

Adequate customer service at the front desk.
Importantly,  Ms. Chris Duncan allowing my son to take theory test, even after end of registration date is commendable. Also, allowing parents to participate and learn along with their children in the class is great. Overall, happy.



Winners participated in our survey to help better our customer service and was entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Card.

Check your email & texts today to see if you received this invite to take the survey. Complete the survey and you are entered into the drawing for a $100 Gift Card. Drawing every month of 2015.





Should You Let Your Child Quit?


Your 10-year-old daughter decides she doesn't want to take ballet anymore after you've invested in years of lessons and the spring recital is right around the corner. Your 12-year-old son wants to quit the cello but begs to take up the guitar. And you're wondering when is it right to push your child to press on or agree to let him quit?

While there's no one answer that's right for every child, there are several factors to consider regardless of your child's activity. Our experts — a music education professor, a physical education specialist, a swim school director and a ballet school director — all agree: When your child begins an activity, create a supportive environment at home. This may help to keep his interest from lagging.

When it comes down to quitting or pressing on, the decision will depend on the child, her level of talent, the length of time she's been involved in the activity and her reasons for wanting to quit.

Music lessons and your child

Create the proper environment at home for your music student.

"Musical children are not born — they are raised," says Robert Cutietta, author of Raising Musical Kids and professor of music education at the University of Southern California. It all begins by creating a "musical environment" at home. He suggests exposing children from an early age to different kinds of music, and getting them to focus by asking age-appropriate questions, such as "What does that sound like to you? Does it sound like a bird, a tree swaying in the wind?" If you play a musical instrument yourself, let your child see you playing and express your love for music. "Kids see what parents value," says Cutietta. "If music is a part of your life and you value it, they will see that."

Prepare in advance for the end of the honeymoon period.

For most children who start playing an instrument, there's a honeymoon period when they are excited and anxious to play at every opportunity. "Parents are often tricked into thinking their child loves the instrument," notes Cutietta, "but actually it's just a new toy to them. From the beginning, parents need to prepare for the time when their child is no longer in love with the instrument. They should not take the child's interest for granted. They should set realistic goals, which should not be time-goals like 'practice for a half-hour each day' but rather music goals like 'play four measures of this piece.'" If you wait to put goals in place as your child starts to lose interest, it may be too late.

To avoid nagging, set a regular practice time.

Cutietta also suggests having a set time for practice each day to avoid arguing with your child who might say, "I don't feel like it now; I'll do it later." If your child knows that at 4 p.m. everyday he is supposed to practice, there will be less need to nag. "It's also OK to acknowledge that practice is not always a lot of fun," says Cutietta. "Music is not all fun. It's hard work and there's nothing wrong with that."

Don't rely on the spring concert as an incentive.

Cutietta doesn't advise reminding your child about the spring concert as a way to keep him engaged. "That could be light-years away, as far as your child is concerned," he says. "It's much better to have more immediate, easy-to-achieve performance goals." He suggests organizing a mini-recital where your child can perform in front of a few family members and friends. This can be easy to arrange and becomes both a goal and a reward.

It's OK to switch instruments.

"Letting a child switch instruments is really smart so long as they don't switch every few months," advises Cutietta. "It's good for a child to start on piano or violin but it's OK to explore different ones and some schools allow for that, too." Chase Nelson, now a 24-year-old in California and an accomplished violinist, adds this about his own music training, "My parents didn't compromise regarding my quitting but I always had the option of switching instruments. I moved from guitar to drums (the cool instruments) before returning to violin, an instrument with which I had accomplished quite a bit. I couldn't be more thankful that my parents kept me in music. A video of myself playing violin was what eventually got me accepted at my college of choice."


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